In Six Months, The White House Could Be Home To Dictator-President Donald Trump

Donald Trump Dictator President

Much the avid Twitter user, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has held the public’s attention to himself with a new tweet this week where he blamed terrorism for the missing Egyptian airline.

For Donald Trump to be so quick to blame terrorism, stirs up reminders of a previous statement he made to prevent Muslims from coming into the United States.

But the assumption that it was terrorism is perhaps more of a fact, as this is only the second Egyptian Air plane that has been attacked over the last few years, in a country that has made itself a terrorist target and has only increased its crackdown on whatever they believe is anti-government activity.

If anything the current Egyptian government under Al-Sisi would perhaps be an example of what many believe a United States under President Trump could look like.

Egyptian President Al-Sisi
It would certainly be appropriate to say that Donald Trump supports Al-Sisi’s brand of authoritarian rule, since he’s quoted at least one dictator via Twitter and has even shown that he has respect for tough-as-nails presidents in other countries.

This could also be the view judging from how he’s responded to any criticism of him through the press, as dictators have shown time and time again is something they’re not into, were much like those countries — including Egypt — have gone after journalists.

The Daily News Egypt reported on former Republican candidate Ted Cruz, who did have something to say in support of Egypt’s president during the debates.

One can only imagine what a Ted Cruz administration would gain from a relationship with President Al-Sisi.

Last year, the Daily Beast published a list of the dictators Donald Trump has said he respected and probably make deals with.

And as recently as this week, it was reported by Reuters that Donald Trump said he would talk with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un, which like most anything he says, resulted in some backlash from people such as James Sullivan, an adviser for Hillary Clinton.

“I suppose that makes sense for him, since he also praised Kim Jong Un for executing his uncle and seems to have a bizarre fascination with foreign strongmen like (Russian President Vladimir) Putin and Kim. But his approach to foreign policy makes no sense for the rest of us.”

Moranbong Band of North Korea
When Donald Trump won the nomination, it was Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who said that he would not support Donald Trump, but he too spoke out against the idea of meeting the North Korean dictator as he said during CNN’s At This Hour on Friday.

“Big mistake because every other dictator in the world is going to look at you differently. The last thing you want to do is empower this guy in North Korea. Donald is right to say that China is the key to North Korea but I think it would be a mistake for the president of the United States to meet directly with this butcher. I would focus on China, and to Mr. Trump, you better come up with a strategy in Syria.”

It’s difficult to know what the other Republican candidates could turn America into, especially when they are no longer running.

But the way Donald Trump views the presidency, is no different from how he views his business dealings where glamour and luxury are the focus, which is certainly a way that he can relate with the world’s dictators.

For years Republicans have accused President Obama of acting like a king and sometimes they’ve even referred to him as a supreme leader. But now that Donald Trump is the their nominee and racing towards the White House, we can accurately judge from his platform and his rhetoric that he’s the dictator the party has always been against, but are now for, who looks at America more like a piece of property and its citizens as his subjects.

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