UFO Hunters Spot On Google Maps Tracks Created By Alien Vehicles On Ocean Floor — Killjoy Skeptics Say Tracks Are Artifacts Of Sonar Mapping [Video]

A undewater scene

Mysterious and weird-looking markings, including tracks and trenches, allegedly created by a mysterious vehicle moving on the ocean floor have sparked conspiracy theory controversy online.

Conspiracy theorists have proposed that the alleged tracks and trenches on the ocean floor — discovered on Google Maps — could be evidence of alien activity and that extraterrestrial beings may have been mining the ocean floor for valuable resources.

Some conspiracy theorists linked what appeared to be a saucer-shaped object creating the tracks while moving underwater on the ocean floor with the so-called Baltic sea anomaly (see second video below), an alleged saucer-shaped alien UFO spacecraft found in June, 2011, parked on the ocean floor in the northern Baltic Sea.

However, skeptics have dismissed conspiracy theory speculations, saying that the markings are merely artifacts of Google’s process — involving sonar mapping — for collecting data needed to construct Google Maps.

The mysterious markings were the subject of controversy on YouTube recently after UFO hunters Secureteam10 uploaded images showing an alleged massive alien vessel creating tracks on the ocean floor as it moved along.

In the YouTube video uploaded online on May 19, 2016, titled Huge Miles Long Object Seen Moving On Ocean Floor!, Secureteam10’s Tyler Glockner emphasizes that the ocean is as strange and as unexplored as space. This makes the ocean a legitimate sphere for UFO researchers looking for evidence of alien presence around us.

“There is just as much UFO and mysterious activity happening in our oceans as there is in space, or on other planets, or on the moon.”

According to conspiracy theorists, even the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) admits that the oceans remain an “alien system” with up to 95 percent unexplored.

“The majority of our oceans are alien to us. We have no idea what’s there,” Secureteam10 says. “There is just as much UFO and mysterious activity happening in our oceans as there is in space, or on other planets, or on the moon.”

The mysterious markings on the ocean floor were discovered, according to Secureteam10, by Peter Collier. He discovered them in the North Pacific Ocean, off the coast of California, while looking through Google Maps.

“We have some very strange lines that almost look like there was a large vehicle moving on the bottom of the ocean.”

Glockner acknowledges that skeptics have argued that the markings are “sonar lines” created by boats scanning the ocean floor. But he insists that some of the tracks could not be sonar lines because they appear to be massive trenches dug deep in the seabed.

“Some have said these are actually sonar lines creating by boats scanning the ocean floor, however some of these tracks definitely seem to be dug into the soil and are complete with shadows,” he says.

He claims that the presence of such tracks and trenches in the ocean floor is suspicious and suggests alien activity in the depths.

Skeptics disagreed with Glockner, and accused him of seeing aliens everywhere. According to skeptics, aliens are not needed to explain the presence of tracks on the ocean floor that could have been created by human technology.

But this is not the first time that conspiracy theory forums and other forums dedicated to oddities and mysterious phenomena in our environment have discovered and discussed the alleged strange markings on the ocean floor.

The markings were the subject of debate on Week In Weird in 2013.

A member of the forum discovered weird markings on the ocean floor off the coast of South Carolina at Google coordinates 3° 0’10.32″N, 75° 9’26.39″W, 32°16’38.84″N, and 55°11’48.71″W.

Some of the markings, described as “tank-like tread marks,” stretched for miles as if someone had driven a massive vehicle on the seafloor.

According to Samuel Burgan, who discovered the tracks, only an underwater sea tank several city blocks wide could have made the tracks.

“I initially thought it was just a photo stitching artifact until I followed it all the way to 32°16’38.84″N, 55°11’48.71″W, where the tracks stop, make an abrupt turn, then double back to continue on their course,” he wrote.

“There are places where the trail crosses other trails,” he continued. “They appear to go all the way to the mid-Atlantic ridge, at least that’s where I finally lost them.”

Debate raged on Week In Weird forum, with members making suggestions, including military equipment, underwater monsters, aliens and remains of the mythical Atlantis.

But some suggested the tracks may have been created by ships scanning the ocean floor to measure the ocean depth using a type of sonar mapping technique called “echo sounding.”

Others rejected the suggestion, saying that echo sounders do not make tracks or create impression on the seafloor.

Yet others insisted that the Google Maps images were not photographic images but images constructed using information collected through sonar. Thus the tracks were artifacts of Google’s process for gathering information to construct the maps.

“We are not looking at a photograph, we are looking at a composite of information gathered over many different time frames by many different techniques,” a viewer wrote.

“These markings are the artifacts of sonar mapping,” another viewer wrote. “Google Earth is a composite of several satellite and sonar maps. Sonar mapping is done as a series of tracks, the scanning done sideways, so individual sonar records appear as lines parallel to or radiating from the ship’s track.”

Echo sounding bathymetric surveys involve using sound waves bounced off the ocean floor to measure depth. The time it takes for sound to travel to and from the ocean floor is used to calculated depth.

[Photo by Sean Scott/Getty Images]