WWE News: WWE Superstar Sasha Banks Reportedly Out Of Action Due To Injury

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WWE Superstar Sasha Banks may be the most over female in the company at this point. While others like Asuka and Bayley have done a lot and certainly have their fans, it seems that Banks has reached a level few can get to at this point. The respect she has is quite large. Vince McMahon reportedly thinks a lot of Banks and feels she is better than a lot of the men when it comes to her in-ring work according to reports.

That is why it has been surprising that we have not seen much of her as of late. While WWE did want to keep Sasha Banks out of major female storylines until her ultimate clash with Charlotte for the WWE Women’s Title at WWE SummerSlam later this year, it did not make sense to remove her from television at all. Many fans wondered what the true reason behind it was, which is why one fan asked Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer about Banks.

Meltzer would say that Banks has been kept out for “long-term storyline reasons.” It was understandable, but still did not answer the biggest question of all in why she wasn’t even being used at all. Fans love Banks, so it made no sense to just remove her from television unless it was for a very good reason. Now, it seems there might be such a reason.

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According to a report out of Squared Circle Sirens, Sasha Banks is reportedly injured. The report claimed that she sustained an injury during a live event match in Virginia on May 15. While this does not quite line up with why she has not been used as much in recent weeks, it would explain her recent absence for sure. The website claims that it “may have been something to do with her head.”

While only a rumor as of now, it makes total sense that WWE would want to keep such a situation quiet. The company has been trying to keep most injuries under wraps due to the sheer amount of them over the past year. If a talent is only going to miss a bit of time, WWE won’t bother reporting on it at all. Sometimes things like the Enzo Amore injury happen and the company has no choice but to report on the injury itself.

WWE has really tried to avoid talking about talent who have suffered head injuries for sure. It took them forever to even talk about Daniel Bryan’s concussion last year. Due to the concussion lawsuit WWE has been facing, WWE has tried to avoid helping the lawsuit out by talking about talent who sustain head injuries of any kind. The problem is that most of them cannot be covered up as the story will get out in time.

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When it comes to Sasha Banks, she very well could have a concussion… but she could also be okay and simply was given time off for a bit to heal from her head injury. Not all head injuries are concussions of course, we just hear of them the most due to the knowledge we have on them now and how huge they are in the media. On top of this, due to WWE trying to avoid talking about head injuries, they may be able to avoid it easier for a person like Banks who has not been used as much as of late.

WWE may not ever bring up the injury to Sasha Banks possibly because it is not severe. If it turns out that she has to miss a month or so, it also does not hurt her or the WWE as again, they have not used her as much over the last number of weeks. It was originally rumored that she would join Becky Lynch to face off with Dana Brooke and Emma. However, with Emma going down to a bad back injury, this story may have passed for Banks and we won’t see her for a while longer.

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