WWE News: WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes Has Asked To Be Released From WWE Contract


In what can only be seen as tragic to the world of pro-wrestling or sports entertainment, there is a rumor going around that someone big may be leaving the company very, very soon. There had been rumblings about a surprising name getting released, but no one was sure about who it could be. Some pointed to Randy Orton, but that was crazy to even consider. Now, it looks like a guy we never thought would go is now, well, going.

Stardust, better known as Cody Rhodes, has asked for his release from the WWE today. While WWE makes their stars work a public Twitter account, some have dark accounts that they have for personal use. Rhodes has used an account on Twitter that goes by the name “Hyrule Husky.” It was there that Rhodes decided to tell the world that he asked for his release. He posted the following on the account.

Stardust boots
Losing Cody Rhodes has to be considered terrible for the world of WWE. Many fans were under the assumption that Rhodes would drop his Stardust gimmick eventually and go back to the Rhodes name with a new character coming with it. Many wanted to see that character come back rather than the one we’ve seen lately. He clearly has shown that he can play characters as well as or better than most anyone in the company. The problem is that after his father’s passing, Cody has not been the same to most fans.

It is understandable; however, the same character that people wanted him to drop was quite special to him. The name “Stardust” is a nickname. Dusty Rhodes gave it to his son Cody years ago and the name “Goldust” was the nickname for Dustin.

Many felt that he could still honor his father by using the same last name, as the name “Rhodes” is quite honorable. While his real last name is Runnels, the Rhodes name is synonymous with pro-wrestling, and Cody was certainly a great addition to the name. He more than made his father proud, as most feel Cody Rhodes is one of the best character actors the WWE has ever seen. He would knock gimmicks out of the park that no one else could.

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes is still quite young, as he is only 30-years-old. He still has a bright future ahead of him and he has yet to truly get hurt in a major way. He is even married to the great WWE announcer Brandi Reed, now Runnels. So, he has more than enough reason to stick around. Being young and married to WWE’s next-gen announcer is certainly good enough for anyone else.

However, it is not out of the norm for someone to need a break. Rhodes is certainly great, but after 10 years a break is surely needed. He could take a year off and still have enough left in the tank to return down the line and become even better than he was before. At only 30 years of age, it is doubtful Rhodes will retire. You never know these days, however, as we’re seeing many other athletes retire earlier than expected, such as Detroit Lions WR Calvin Johnson and Seattle Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch.

Retiring earlier could be best for an athlete, but for someone like Cody Rhodes, it just doesn’t seem right. A break is probably useful for him at this time. It would allow him to rest and come back with something that could allow him to become a legend like his brother and father before him. Cody Rhodes will be missed in the WWE, but hopefully he comes back in the future and proves he deserves to be seen as a main eventer.

[Image via WWE]