Blac Chyna Prenuptial Agreement Update: Khloe Kardashian Begs Rob To ‘Reconsider Having A Prenup’ [Video]

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May 21 2016, Updated 11:02 a.m. ET

Khloé Kardashian is reportedly begging Rob to reconsider making his fiancee Blac Chyna sign a pre-nuptial agreement—while Blac Chyna seems to have big plans to star on Keeping Up With The Kardashians! According to insiders, Khloé Kardashian is convinced a prenup is “the safest idea” and her only concern is her sibling might be “left with nothing.”

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna have only been together for a few short months, getting engaged and announcing that they’re pregnant so fast that the reality stars are still reeling from the news. But Rob has made one thing clear: he doesn’t plan to marry Chyna with a pre-nuptial agreement, since he’s sure of her love.

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According to insiders, Kardashian is “a gentleman and money doesn’t mean anything to him,” when it comes to his love for Blac Chyna. The only male Kardashian is “not greedy and materialistic,” the source added, which makes sense, since he doesn’t like to be in the spotlight unlike his sisters.

When it comes to his upcoming wedding to Blac Chyna and the excitement over the new baby, Rob “believes in true love,” the source confessed, adding that, as far as Kardashian is concerned, “that’s what he has with Chyna.”

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Sister Khloé, however, is less convinced, and is strongly urging her brother to consider making Blac Chyna sign an agreement before they get married. Khloé, who lived with Rob until the he started dating Chyna, knows her brother better than anyone, and, insiders agree, is only looking out for him.

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While she “realizes it’s not the most romantic thing to do,” Khloe is begging her brother to “definitely reconsider having a prenup.” And while she “doesn’t want to doubt Rob and Blac’s love for one another,” Khloe, who believed her ex, Lamar Odom was her one true love until they split, wants her little brother to be “protected.”

“Khloé [Kardashian has] already seen that Rob has been a little reckless with Blac and she thinks it’s time he protected his own interests,” and insider confessed.

While Khloé has come around to the reality that her brother plans to marry Blac Chyna, just a few short months ago, the Kardashians were seriously mad that he had started to date the formerly-sworn enemy of Kylie Jenner. In a recent clip from Keeping Up With The Kardashians,Kim says it best when she tells her brother, “when you start publicly bashing my sister and mom, that’s not cool,” referencing some Snapchat conversations Rob and Blac Chyna released while the show was filming.

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Kardashian brushes off his sister, telling her that he “didn’t even know what was going on first of all,” and adds that he doesn’t “think it’s that serious.” Kim, on the other hand, completely disagrees, explaining that Blac Chyna shouldn’t be “blasting people on social media,” adding that since he and Chyna are now a couple, “it looks like you’re blasting mom and it’s petty as f—.”

While much of the drama has resolved after Blac Chyna announced her pregnancy, Khloé Kardashian still doesn’t appear to trust her, particularly since, according to insiders, Blac Chyna plans to star on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, whether the family wants her to or not.

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According to Hollywood Life, while she hasn’t filmed anything yet for Keeping Up with the Kardashians,Blac Chyna is “determined to feature on the show in the near future” now that she’s pregnant. The mother-to-be reportedly believes that “her pregnancy, and the journey she and Rob [Kardashian] are making through it, would be a ratings winner.”

While insiders claim that Kris doesn’t want Blac Chyna on the show, because she keeps “urging Rob to hammer that point home to Kris,” the family isn’t sure whether Blac Chyna is marrying Rob for his money, and firmly believe Kardashian should make her sign a prenup.

What do you think? Is Khloé Kardashian right? Should Blac Chyna sign a prenup? Leave a comment below!

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