High School Teacher Near Seattle Brutally Attacked, Head Bashed, Neck 'Zip-Tied'

A high school teacher in the state of Washington was brutally attacked on Thursday, police reported.

According to Fox40, the attack against Bothell High School teacher Calvin Pygott, 63, was reportedly unprovoked.

Pygott was reportedly inside his high school wood shop classroom after school Thursday when the savage attack occurred and investigators continued to gather evidence in the high school classroom on Friday.

Detectives told Fox40 the attacker bashed Pygott in the back of the head with a blunt object and then zip-tied his neck.

Bothell High School student Christopher Liem said he was shocked when he heard the news.
"When I heard he got so brutally attacked and left for dead, I couldn't believe it."
Pygott's son-in-law told Q13 News he is grateful that another high school staff member discovered Pygott in time and removed the zip-tie from his neck.

Family members credit the staff member with saving Pygott's life.

Bothell Police Sgt. Ken Seuberlich said the staff member's discovery of Pygott on the floor of the wood shop classroom likely prevented a more tragic outcome.

"Time is of the essence in those types of situations; I'm very happy she (the other employee) was around."
According to family members, Pygott was transported to Harborview Medical Center, where he was treated for his injuries. He was subsequently released and is recovering at home.

Pygott declined to speak about his ordeal with the media.

The Northshore School District in the Seattle area released a statement that read, in part, the following.
"This is an alarming and highly unusual situation. While the BHS school community faces the greatest impact, the concerns for student and staff safety naturally extend to all Northshore school communities. Our schools are and remain fundamentally safe places for our kids, staff and families."
Former student Greg Starck, who was a student in Pygott's wood shop class last year, said he is grateful one of his favorite teachers remains alive and well.
"Thank goodness he is alive -- that's all that matters. He was one of my favorites, definitely by far, was so relatable."
There are currently no suspects in the brutal attack, but Seuberlich said they are reviewing all of the evidence to find out who carried out the attack on the well-like high school teacher.
"Detectives are looking at campus security video."
Classes were canceled at the high school on Friday as investigators looked for evidence both inside and outside Pygott's wood shop classroom. School officials said they decided to cancel classes to protect the crime scene and make sure students and staff were safe.

Liem said the decision by the school official to close the school on Friday was a wise choice.

"I think it was a wise decision for everyone to stay home."
Concerned parents are hoping for a quick arrest so they won't have to worry when students return to classes on Monday, said parent Tina Starck.
"It's a little unnerving, we trust the district will make the right decision."
As Pygott continues to recover from the attack, the community continues to reel from the unusual event and hope that Pygott returns to his job at the high school once he has fully recovered.

Classes resume on Monday with added security as a precautionary measure and in a show of solidarity for the brutally attacked high school teacher, the district is urging all students to wear the color blue.

(Image via Twitter/Hanna Kim)