James Holmes Warning Signs: ‘I Want To Kill People When My Life Is Over’

Following yesterday’s report that accused Aurora shooter James Holmes failed a key exam and was advised by professors to pursue a different career path, newly unsealed court documents show that the prosecution allege that Holmes confided in a fellow student, explaining his desire to kill people, months before the actual shooting at the midnight premiere of The Dark Knight Rises in Aurora, Colorado.

New court documents obtained by the Denver Post and the Associated Press show that the prosecution in the case against James Holmes allege several “warning signs” from the accused in the months leading up to the Aurora massacre.

Prosecutors say that Holmes personally threatened a University of Colorado professor in June, and was subsequently banned from campus. This more detailed report dovetails with yesterday’s report that Holmes had failed an oral exam in neuroscience and was advised to pursue a different major. After his dismissal from campus, Holmes “began a detailed and complex plan to obtain firearms, ammunition, a tear-gas grenade, body armor, a gas mask and a ballistic helmet, which were used in the commission of the murders and attempted murders,” the prosecutors write.

Perhaps the most disturbing and incriminating charge against Holmes is his secret confidence in a fellow University of Colorado student. The prosecution says that Holmes told one of his peers in March that he wanted to kill people, “and would do so when his life was over.”

A university spokesperson has denied that Holmes was banned from campus, saying that the grad student withdrew of his own accord, and that his key-card access to buildings was shut off accordingly.

Still, it seems as though the prosecution is preparing their case depicting the Aurora massacre as “a revenge plot by a young man who began failing in his studies,” while the defense is expected to opt for the insanity plea.

Strange, how the prosecution and the defense’s case may end up overlapping some.

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