Jimmy Fallon On ‘Captain America’: Sings With Paul Rudd, Pours Icy Water Down Chris Evans’ Pants

Jimmy Fallon is a host who knows how to make any social situation more entertaining by being funny and playful and somehow convincing his celebrity guests to let loose and enjoy themselves. Recently, Slate Magazine reported that Jimmy Fallon had Paul Rudd on his show.

The actor, who plays a small role in the popular film Captain America: Civil War got together with Jimmy Fallon to shoot a wonderful remake of Styx’s 1981 music video “Too Much Time on My Hands.” The amount of detail that was put into the remake was nothing short of remarkable, with every shot featuring Paul Rudd and Jimmy Fallon wearing almost identical costumes and even the same facial expression as the original band members.

The level of detail was such that the Jimmy Fallon video had everything that Styx fans loved so dearly about the original Styx video. The audience couldn’t help but marvel at the meticulous work that went into recreating the Styx magic, with everything from the backdrop, the chandelier, the wrist watches, and even the arrangement of balls on the pool table revealing the efforts taken by Jimmy Fallon’s team to remake the original video as authentically as possible.

A shot-by-shot comparison with the original video further revealed that Jimmy Fallon was not only sporting the same hairstyle and outfit as Dennis De Young but he was also using the same brand of keyboard. The only difference in the remake was that it showed Paul Rudd with a beard, however, that did not stop the talented actor from throwing the right expressions in tandem with those of James Young.

Watch the full video here.

In another episode, Jimmy Fallon entertained a different star from Captain America: Civil War. According to USA Today, Chris Evans, who plays Captain America in the movie, faced off against Jimmy Fallon in a game called Frozen Blackjack that was invented on The Tonight Show.

The rules of the game were a lot like regular blackjack, but the loser of each hand had to deal with freezing cold water. The game was inspired by the fictional story of Captain America who is depicted as being in a frozen state of suspended animation for decades. According to Entertainment Weekly, Chris Evans won the first round, allowing him to take the pitcher of freezing water, delighting in pouring it into a funnel which went down Jimmy Fallon’s pants.

It wasn’t long before Jimmy Fallon started turning the tables, and in the last round, Fallon secured yet another victory, reveling in the opportunity to pour as much freezing water as he could onto Evans, who had no choice but to sit there and take it. Luckily, he found the situation funny. At least it can never be said that Jimmy Fallon goes easy on his guests and lets them win every contest.

Watch the clip here.

Jimmy Fallon is so well-liked and friendly towards his guests that he encourages them to relax and spill secrets that they might otherwise have kept to themselves. Esquire reported that when Louis C.K. appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s show, the comedian opened up about the many struggles he was facing with Horace and Pete, the American web series created and directed by Louis.

Although the project has received critical acclaim, Louis C.K. claimed that the production caused him to suffer financially, leaving him millions of dollars in debt. He admitted that although it was a lot of fun to produce the show without a studio, each episode of the web series cost about $500,000 to produce, which is certainly a costly endeavor.

However, C.K. wanted to make the most of his time on The Tonight Show and didn’t spend too much time dwelling on his financial problems. He mentioned that he has plans to recover the lost money by touring the United States and Europe with his stand-up comedy show, including big shows in venues like Madison Square Garden.

The comedian was philosophical about his situation, saying that given the choice between losing money and losing time, he would always choose the former.

“The worst thing you can lose is some money, and money grows back, time doesn’t.”

[Photos by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for NBC]

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