Birds Disappearing In Their Own Bermuda Triangle

Forget the Bermuda Triangle, now we have the birdmuda triangle. Hundreds of birds in Thirsk , North Yorkshire disappeared on Saturday after being released for a Scottish pigeon racing club event.

According to pigeon event organizers, only 13 of the 232 birds released for the weekend race made their way to their final destination in Galashiels, Selkirkshire.

The Telegraph reveals that hundreds of other birds also vanished over the summer.

In some cases, pigeons in the area have lost more than half their flocks since April, a fact that has led many fanciers to ground their birds for fear they will not return and end up costing them thousands of dollars. Some homing pigeons can fetch more than $300,000 per bird.

In one theory, experts believe that stronger than normal downpours have set pigeons off course as they attempt to fly around the heavy rainfall. In another theory, high levels of solar activity is believed to be distorting magnetic fields. In yet another possibility, the Menwith Hill spy base near Harrogate is being blamed for its use of electronic monitoring station equipment.

The problem of the missing pigeons has been compounded because a large number of the birds are released within minutes of one another. As one group of pigeons fly off course, they lead the other birds in the same lost direction.

One racer with 30 years experience in pigeon racing calls the loss of the birds the “worst year in memory.”

In the meantime, pigeon races have continued as planned although some racers have pulled their birds from competition.