Hillary Clinton Is Already Declaring Herself To Be The Democratic Nominee, Says Race Is 'Done'

Val Powell

The numbers may indicate a Hillary Clinton win in the primary, but Bernie Sanders is not budging an inch to concede the Democratic presidential nomination to the former Secretary of State.

Apparently, the frontrunner is already frustrated over the Senator's refusal to proclaim her the victor. She hinted as much in an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo as she said that Bernie Sanders should have sacrificed individual ambition for the greater good of the party.

"I will be the nominee for my party, Chris. That is already done, in effect. There is no way that I won't be."

— Wall Street Journal (@WSJ) May 20, 2016

She said Sanders and the Democrats should have gleaned some lessons from that primary when Ms. Clinton and President Obama set aside their differences for the greater good.

"We went to Unity, New Hampshire, together, appeared together, spoke together, and made it absolutely obvious that I was supporting him, that he was grateful for that support," she added.

— The Situation Room (@CNNSitRoom) May 19, 2016

"We expect voters in the remaining eight contests also will disagree," the statement said.

"And with almost every national and state poll showing Sen. Sanders doing much, much better than Secretary Clinton against Donald Trump, it is clear that millions of Americans have growing doubts about the Clinton campaign."

— AJE News (@AJENews) May 14, 2016

In Hillary Clinton's mind, the decision by Bernie Sanders not to concede will only bolster Donald Trump's candidacy. While she's still fighting tooth-and-nail to ward off the challenge posed by the Senator from Vermont, the presumptive GOP nominee can amp up his attacks against the Democratic presidential hopeful.

In response, Clinton insisted the real enemy is Donald Trump since the former reality show host and real estate mogul is not fit, in her opinion, to be the President. She said that the billionaire gave a black eye to US-British relations, and in the same breath, Trump recognized the regime of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un.

The billionaire had said that he can open a direct line to the North Korean regime, which would be a drastic departure from US policy to ignore or strong-arm the dictator.

"I would speak to him; I would have no problem speaking to him," he said.

Hillary Clinton bristled at the thought, along with other views by Donald Trump.

"A qualified nominee would also never suggest that we ban all Muslims from entering our country, violating our deeply-held principle of freedom of religion and endangering our partnerships with allies who are absolutely essential in the fight against terrorism," she said in a statement.

"So, no - Donald Trump is not qualified to be president."

— CNN (@CNN) May 19, 2016

[Photo by John Sommers II/Getty Images]