Prince Harry’s Pal Arthur Landon Calls Naked Photo Snapping Girl ‘Despicable’

Naked photos of Prince Harry left one of his millionaire best friends, Arthur Landon, steamed at the bikini-clad photographer who allegedly sold the “strip pool” photos. At least 15 girls in bikinis accompanied Prince Harry, Arthur Landon, and others back to the Las Vegas suite where the nude photos were taken, according to the Daily Mail. Approximately 40 million people from around the world have seen the Prince Harry nude photos.

A fellow Prince Harry Las Vegas reveler claims the Royal convinced a bikini-clad blonde to get naked after his clothes har already come off, the Daily Mail reports. Witnesses to the Prince Harry Las Vegas suite party claim he “disappeared” later with the young woman.

Arthur Landon also notes the Prince Harry naked photos put a “real damper” on the Las Vegas vacation. Landon also maintains that the young woman who took and allegedly sold the nude photos abused Prince Harry’s hospitality by releasing the images taken during the private party, the Telegraph reports. A second Prince Harry naked photo circulating on the internet and in print was taken when the Royal gave a topless girl a hug and shows his bare derriere.

“I obviously think it is really despicable that someone would accept Prince Harry’s hospitality and then take these pictures. Some people have been hinting that it was one of his friends who took the pictures. But that is absolutely not true. None of his friends would ever do that . We are really careful,” Arthur Landon stated, according to the Daily Mail.

According to a Daily Mail source, Prince Harry told the girl he would “shield her” and would not let “them” see her, a statement the source feels indicates the prince was aware the photos were being taken. The Prince Harry nude photos were reportedly taken during the early hours of the morning after the group left the Surrender nightclub at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas.