David Icke Denounces Kate Middleton As A Shape-Shifting Lizard In BBC Interview

Tim Butters - Author

May 20 2016, Updated 2:30 a.m. ET

You can call Kate Middleton a lot of things, but well-known conspiracy theorist David Icke chose to describe the demure Duchess as a shape-shifting lizard in an interview on British national TV.

Calling Kate a fly-catching reptile in front of an audience of millions is a bit beyond the pale, but to be fair to David, he’s been calling the British royal family out as scaly, blood-sucking monsters since the 1990s.

The theory goes that the Windsors, formerly known as the Saxe-Coburg-Gothe clan, are one of the 13 ruling families of reptiles who control the media, global finances, religion, and pretty much everything else in the world, exploiting it all for their own diabolical ends.

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Alongside Kate Middleton’s extended family, the other 12 clans of lizards are said to be the Rothschilds, Bruces, Cavendishs (Kennedys), De Medicis, Hanovers, Hapsburgs, Krupps, Plantagenets, Rockefellers, Romanovs, Sinclairs, and the Warburgs.

As well as drinking blood, eating flesh, feeding off fear and shape shifting, Kate and the rest of the lizards’ main objective is to enslave the human race.


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