Vanessa Hudgens Competes With Boyfriend Austin Butler For Best Hair

Vanessa Hudgens is known for her great and transformative hair, but it looks like her boyfriend Austin Butler is up to challenge her.

“They certainly are a well-coiffed couple,” reports Daily Mail. “On Wednesday Vanessa Hudgens, 27, and her boyfriend Austin Butler, 24, flaunted their envy-worthy tresses on Instagram. The High School Musical alum’s social media post no doubt prompted a serious case of relationship and hair goals simultaneously.”

Check out the perfect hair that Vanessa and Austin flaunted on her Instagram account.

But for the most part, Vanessa Hudgens is winning in the hair game against her boyfriend. Not only does she have a lot of flair in displaying her hairstyles, but she has also been known for her transformations.

Her latest hairstyle is very full, curly, and dark. She did not forget to Instagram about it.

Before this moment, she was flaunting a long bob that was rather suitable for the hot climates of Coachella.

Despite all their constant hair competition, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler are going strong. They have been together now for over five years, which is impressive for a young couple especially in Hollywood. In the spring, they were seen on Broadway, having the cutest moments right before they entered the theater to see the hottest show in town, Hamilton.

“Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler had the hottest tickets in town for their date night in New York City on Thursday,” reports Daily Mail. “The happy couple got to see Hamilton on Broadway, and couldn’t contain their excitement as they headed hand-in-hand into Richard Rogers theatre.”

Before that, they had a date out in Sedona National Park, but it wasn’t as innocuous as their Broadway outing. In fact, she and Austin got fined for damaging one of the ancient rock formations.

“Actress Vanessa Hudgens paid a $1,000 fine for carving a heart into a red rock wall during a Valentine’s Day trip to Sedona, Arizona with her boyfriend, Austin Butler,” reports Time. “Hudgens was issued a citation for a misdemeanor count of damaging a natural feature on U.S. Forest Service land, the Associated Press reported. The fine will be used by a volunteer group to restore the rock wall by scrubbing or sanding the stone.”

But life goes on for the rich and famous actress. While she won’t be returning to the movie franchise that made her famous, High School Musical 4, she showed full support for the creative team in spearheading this project.

“I love musicals. Being able to do musicals is such a dream of mine and the fact that they’re keeping it alive and bringing it to a new generation is really wonderful,” Vanessa told Entertainment Tonight. “Sometimes, someone will be like, ‘We’re all in this together,’ and then I’ll be like [starts singing], ‘We’re all in this together!’ It’s like reflexes.”

This doesn’t mean that life has been easy and breezy for the actress. Her father, Greg, passed away this year, which broke her heart.

“One week after her father Greg’s death, Vanessa Hudgens shared a heartbreaking note with her fans on Instagram,” reports Huffington Post. “Over the weekend, the actress posted the following image to the photo sharing app, with the caption, ‘If only…'”

The picture read, “I wish heaven had visiting hours.”

The fact that Austin Butler also lost his mother to cancer just last year means that he totally understands the kind of pain and grief that she is going through.

Do you think Vanessa and Austin will get married one day?

[Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images]