Empire State Building Shooting

New York City, NY – A shooting occurred outside of the Empire State Building at approximately 9 am Friday morning. The Empire State Building shooting appears to be a commercial shooting with no ties to terrorism, according to developing reports from Fox News. The New York City shooting was initially thought to have been a robbery, but police sources speaking with Fox News now believe the Empire State Building may be linked to workplace issues.

Fox News is now reporting that the yet unnamed Empire Street Building shooter was fired from his job yesterday. His position at the Empire State Building is not yet known. Two police officers were stationed at or near the building on terrorism duty and were able to respond quickly to the Empire State Building shooting scene. Fox News notes that 10 people were injured; it is not known if all the victims were shot. The FBI is now on-scene.

New York City police are now reporting that three to four civilians have been wounded and the shooter is dead in the Empire State Building shooting, according to USA Today. NYPD officers and paramedics were on the scene within minutes of emergency calls reporting the shooting at the Empire State Building. Fifth Avenue and 34th Streets were immediately closed. The Empire State Building shooter was killed by police; he did not take his own life.

Empire State building shooting witness Aliyah Imam told Fox News 5 that she was standing at the traffic light when a woman next to her fell to the ground after being hit in the hip by a bullet. According to Imam, the Empire State Building shooter was “shooting indiscriminately at people.” The unnamed female shooting victim appeared to Imam to be in her 20s; Imam also saw the shooter dying on the ground and reports there were many children on the street who also witnessed the violent scene.


Employees at the Empire State Building are now being allowed back inside the building and will likely be interviewed by NYPD officers. Updates will be posted on The Inquisitr as they become available.