Watch Hurricane Ike live online

With Hurricane Ike crossing the Texas coast, and over 1 million people evacuated from low lying coastal areas such as Galveston, the world waits for the storm to do its worst.

Storm junkies or those wanting to know what’s going on in affected areas can watch Hurricane Ike live online. includes a number of live feeds from the area, including the one above. Others to check: here and here. This stream is some storm chasers, so they may drop out, but they are moving around the area, at least as I write this post.


Traffic cams are available from Houston here.

There are a number of Galveston cams on this page, but most seem down at the time of writing.

The Weather Channel has a decent range here.

Local media,, and are offering a variety of live and recorded video.

If you know of any Hurricane Ike live resources we’ve missed, leave your Hurricane Ike live related links in the comments.