Gerard Butler Gets Advice From Sean Penn About Girlfriend Morgan Brown?

Gerard Butler may be seeking advice from his pal Sean Penn about a new stage in his life that he is entering. While the Scottish actor has been known for being quite a playboy, he has been settling down with his latest girlfriend Morgan Brown in southern California.

“Sean Penn, Gerard Butler and Owen Wilson enjoyed a bros beach day together over the weekend in Malibu, California,” reports Daily Mail. “Gerard had enjoyed a reputation as a bit of a ladies man before he started dating Brown two years ago. He’s been linked in the past with Hollywood beauties including Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Aniston and supermodel Naomi Campbell. Sean and Gerard were spotted enjoying an animated conversation on Saturday after lunch at a nearby cafe in Malibu.”

Seeing how Sean Penn is nine years older than Gerard Butler, this surfing session probably provided the 46-year-old actor some perspective in life.

Check out the Hollywood heavyweights keeping each other company in Malibu.

Before this sighting, Gerard Butler was seen hanging out with his girlfriend Morgan Brown in the same beach city.

“They were alleged to have split up earlier this year amid rumours Gerard had wined and dined Rita Ora,” reports Daily Mail. “But Gerard Butler and girlfriend Morgan Brown continued to prove they were still very much an item as they enjoyed a beach date in Malibu, California on Sunday. The 46-year-old Hollywood actor and property developer Morgan put on an affectionate display as they wandered along the sand hand-in-hand.”

He has been away from her for months, doing a promotional tour for both of his cinematic flops, London Has Fallen and Gods of Egypt. Maybe the fact that he was not able to get some success from his films was one of the reasons that he returned to Malibu to Morgan Brown.

There has been rumors about him with Rita Ora “back in February it was claimed Gerard spent the night with Rita Ora at a four-star Hollywood hotel… [where] that the actor and the pop star enjoyed a romantic dinner in West Hollywood.”

But it looks like these have been just rumors spurn by paparazzi.

Instead, now Gerard is doing much more domestic things with her, taking her to work during his days off.

“Gerard Butler gets out of his car while dropping off his girlfriend Morgan Brown at an office building on Thursday afternoon (April 28) in Los Angeles,” reports Just Jared. “The 46-year-old actor was seen giving Morgan a kiss goodbye before he got back into the car.”

On other news, the actor is plentifully occupied with some lawsuits himself.

Gerard Butler is suing a film company for more than £4million over a movie he never made,” reports Scottish Daily Record. “The Paisley-born star was hired to shoot Motor City and claims he was promised the cash whether the film went ahead or not. Gerard, 46, claims he turned down work on the strength of the verbal promise, but Motor City was then cancelled at the last minute.”

The fact that he has not been doing very well in his acting career recently means that he is looking for other ways, like in lawsuits, to keep himself relevant in the industry.

Do you think he is giving himself time to think about the future with Morgan Brown? Do you think a wedding is in the works? Let me know in the comments below!

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