Naomi Judd Tries To Quit ‘My Kitchen Rules,’ Claims To Be Above Brandi And Ray J

Singer Naomi Judd is doing everything she can to get out of the reality cooking competition My Kitchen Rules, because she says she is above the other celebrity contestants on the show. Judd says she was misled by the producers about the caliber of people who would be on the show, and went on Facebook to go public by saying she would never choose to socialize with those types of people.

The Inquisitr reported that one of the contestants on My Kitchen Rules is Brandi Glanville, who is best known for being a spoiler on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and was allegedly relieved of her role as a full-time cast member after the majority of the other Real Housewives wouldn’t film with her. Glanville has remained friendly with Kim Richards, who also had her own issues legally and on Real Housewives, and has been seen in a guest role on the show.

TMZ is breaking the news that Naomi Judd wants out of My Kitchen Rules, but sadly, she has signed a contract to see the project through. Naomi Judd is currently shooting My Kitchen Rules with Andrew Dice Clay and his wife; Glanville and Dean Sheremet, LeAnn Rimes’ ex; Ray J and Brandi; and Lance Bass and his mom Diane.

Judd went onto Facebook and called several of the other contestants out saying that among the cast was “‘one of those tawdry Housewives shows (Glanville)’… Ray J’s a ‘bad boy’ who made a porn and calls Dice ‘a no holds barred comedian,'” according to TMZ. Judd claims she’s not judging, but they aren’t her kind of people.

The Hollywood Reporter says that My Kitchen Rules will be on Fox, and this scuffle among the contestants can only help the ratings, raising the hype level. My Kitchen Rules is a top show out of Australia, where pairs of people, in this case celebs, compete by trying to host top-level dinner parties in their homes, cooking for both rivals and judges, including Cat Cora and Curtis Stone.

One of the odder couples is Brandi Glanville and Dean Sheremet, who met when their respective spouses cheated on them with each other. They now consider themselves “best friends.”

But according to TMZ, just as the news that Naomi Judd’s complaints about My Kitchen Rules were coming out, Ray J complained that Naomi Judd was throwing around some racially insensitive comments about his choice of food. Ray J said that Naomi Judd called grits “slave food.”

TMZ caught up with Ray J, and on video, he talked about racist accusations against Naomi Judd, and he claims that he is very disappointed. He says that if this is truly the way Naomi Judd feels, it smells like racism to him.

It sounds like things are really starting to boil over on the set of My Kitchen Rules, and more is certainly to come before the show airs on Fox.

What do you think of Naomi Judd’s comments and thoughts about the cast of My Kitchen Rules?

[Photo by Stephen Cohen/Getty Images]