Former ‘Real Housewives’ Brandi Glanville Parts For Good With Bravo

Amy Feinstein - Author

Oct. 14 2015, Updated 7:29 p.m. ET

Will she or won’t she seemed to be the question when it comes to Brandi Glanville returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills as a “friend” of the ladies, as she was not asked back as a primary. Well, the answer is in, and it’s a no from Glanville, who decided that the reported $15000 per episode she was asked to do was rejected by Glanville as a “low ball.”

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As the Inquisitr reported, Glanville had been considering whether or not to appear on RHOBH most of the summer, and even producer Andy Cohen had hoped she would return on a guest basis. During the summer months, Glanville reported that her schedule might not allow for her to do guest spots, but she would think about it. Well, it seems if the price was right, she would be on board, but the price was one thousand dollars lower than she was paid per week years ago when she was a friend of the ladies. Final word, she feels dissed.

New York Daily News verifies that Glanville is a no-go for the new season (unless Bravo writes a bigger check).

“Brandi told me they asked her to come back, but the money is so small that she basically said, ‘F you,'” said a source. “They wanted her to be on just a couple of episodes, so it’s really not worth her while.”

Andy Cohen told Howard Stern that Brandi alienated herself from everyone else she could possibly film with on RHOBH.

“The issue with Brandi was that she got isolated to a point over two seasons where she was on an island, and she is now in a place where none of them want to be with her,” said Cohen.

But Glanville claims that she is shooting a pilot for a yet to be confirmed network.

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Fanshare reports that Glanville is doing her best to rehabilitate her image after parting ways with the folks at Bravo. But sadly, saying that she only did RHOBH for the money while many of her castmates did it because they are “fame whores” sat poorly with others, and caused laughter among fans of the show, who posted about it on social media.

“She is an example of the dangers of playing the role of the ‘villain’ on a reality television show. unlike playing the role of a villain in a television or movie role in which fans after leaving the theatre or turning off the television are usually able to accept that an actor was playing a part on a reality show fans generally believe the way a person acts on the show and what they say is who they truly are.”

TMZ has reported that Glanville told them in an interview that she might be convinced to come back for the right price because she really misses the paycheck. She also had to throw in a negative zinger by saying that Lisa Vanderpump and Kyle Richards of RHOBH really hate each other, but because they think fans want to see them as friends, they make pretend. She also said she only considers Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster her actual friends, and as fans know, Kim Richards won’t be back at all, as she is still battling substance abuse, and waiting to see how the charges shake out on her shoplifting case with Target.

Do you think Brandi Glanville will ever be back on Real Housewives?

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