Henry Kissinger, Donald Trump To Meet Face To Face For First Time

Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger are going to sit down for a meeting for the first time on Wednesday. Sources close to Donald Trump’s campaign said he and Henry Kissinger will be meeting to talk foreign policy ideas. The meeting appears to be a nod at the inevitability of the Republican from New York’s presidential nomination. The meeting also is one of several Trump has had with establishment members of the GOP in a signal that he is going to be able to unify the party just like he promised. Henry Kissinger is the latest man who embodies the old-world Republican party meeting with the man who some are calling the future of where the party is going to go.

Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger
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CNN reports the meeting between Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger might also be an attempt by the presidential candidate to further win over people who had originally said they would prefer almost anyone else. A few months back, the former United States diplomat was asked whether or not he agreed with Trump on his stance when it came to immigration. Kissinger responded he would rather not exclude people from entering the country based on their religion. It was during this interview that he added he would prefer someone else to gain the nomination for the GOP.

Donald Trump has certainly heard those kinds of comments before, though he would point out quite a few of the people who have said that have been changing their tune. Henry Kissinger and Donald Trump are also meeting because the New York real estate mogul knows the older man still carries plenty of clout with the Republican elite. This meeting follows one last week between Trump and James Baker. Baker was instrumental in getting George W. Bush elected back in 2000. Baker, in fact, was the man leading the legal team that successfully got the Supreme Court to shut down the recounts in Florida, handing the election to the younger Bush.

As Haaretz points out, this isn’t the first time Trump and Kissinger have spoken, simply the first time that Trump and Kissinger are going to be in the same room at the same time. The pair have talked on the phone some times, presumably about foreign policy. Some people have long called Kissinger more of a war criminal than someone who should be considered an expert on the goings-on in the world. Despite having to maneuver around that opinion held by many on the left, Henry Kissinger is still someone who people on the right tend to look to as an elder statesmen.

Henry Kissinger And Donald Trump
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He does have the experience to be someone others would look to for advice, especially when it comes to dealings with Europe and Israel. Henry Kissinger is a refugee from the Holocaust of World War II. He served as national security adviser and secretary of State under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford. While he has long been out of the public eye, candidates like Donald Trump have been going to him for years for advice on a wide variety of subjects. Donald Trump has just started receiving daily briefings on national security, and Trump and Kissinger might be spending time going over those briefings on the phone together.

Trump is likely going to Kissinger, an old hand in Washington, to get further political advice as he continues his run to the White House. This kind of meeting might continue to draw the ire of the Democrats in and around Washington, but it seems to go a long ways towards selling the reality of a Donald Trump White House. A meeting between Donald Trump and Henry Kissinger would be beneficial for both men in that regard.

[Photo by Steve Mack/Getty Images]