WWE News: AJ Styles Doesn’t Care What Anyone Thinks And Says Big Things Will Happen At ‘Extreme Rules’

AJ Styles is one of the most popular wrestling superstars in the world, and everyone was thrilled when he finally arrived in WWE just four months ago. Now, he’s already going after the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Extreme Rules, and he’s had a severe change of attitude. Styles says that he’s willing to do whatever it takes to defeat Roman Reigns, and he really doesn’t care what anyone thinks about his actions.

On Monday Night Raw, Styles and The Club did what they could to take care of The Usos and Roman Reigns, and signs of things to come were shown. Styles ended up grabbing a chair and beating down Reigns with it, but that was before breaking out the ultimate move.

Styles set things up and delivered a vicious Styles Clash to Reigns on top of the chair.

AJ Styles sat down for an interview with Michael Cole, and he spoke on a number of topics as Extreme Rules rolls around this Sunday. The conversation was posted on WWE’s YouTube page and Styles is ready to win the WWE World Heavyweight Title and take out Roman Reigns, but there is much more going on in his short stint with the company.

Many have questioned Styles’ relationship with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows as he welcomed them into WWE, but he didn’t originally approve of their actions. Since then, he has sided with them and formed The Club, which does have a strong bond.

wwe news aj styles interview extreme rules the club roman reigns
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Michael Cole actually asked Styles if he is lying about his relationship with Gallows and Anderson, but Styles said he doesn’t care what anyone thinks any longer. When they were all in New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) together, Gallows and Anderson had his back and that is something special.

Maybe they aren’t the best people, but he will have their backs forever.

Even though The Club has formed, Styles said he will walk into Extreme Rules on Sunday, and he’s going to defeat Roman Reigns on his own. Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows will be at ringside, but he’s not going to have them get involved in the match even though it is extreme rules.

The Club will be there to watch his back and keep watch for The Usos in case they decide to interfere.

Now, if there comes a time in the extreme rules match that Anderson and Gallows end up taking out Roman Reigns, Styles is prepared for that too. Sure, Styles plans on doing it on his own, but if The Club takes out Reigns, then he’ll take advantage of the situation and make the pin.

wwe news aj styles interview extreme rules the club roman reigns

Throughout his historic career, AJ Styles has been a champion everywhere he has wrestled. Well, everywhere but WWE, that is. He notes that winning the WWE Title means that person is the top guy and being the top guy in the company means getting more money.

More money means he can better provide for and give more to his family which means everything to him. With that, AJ Styles says he is planning on doing “anything and everything it takes” to defeat Roman Reigns at Extreme Rules and becoming the WWE Champion.

Many don’t believe that AJ Styles is going to win the WWE Title this Sunday at Extreme Rules, but no matter what, he will stay in the main event spotlight. It’s possible that his storyline with The Club will be furthered more than his chase for the championship, and it could mean the debut of Finn Balor. Styles is focused on Roman Reigns, though, and he’s beginning a bit of a heel turn as he doesn’t care what the fans think of him.

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