‘General Hospital’ Spoilers And Speculation: Are Brad And Lucas Facing Happiness Or Heartbreak As The Nurses Ball Plays Out?

It is almost time for the Nurses Ball on General Hospital, and spoilers suggest that there could be epic moments on the way. This event is known for shaking things up in Port Charles, and this year seemingly will be no exception. There is speculation swirling that one character may be killed off during the event, and fans are anxious to know for certain. What’s the buzz so far?

As the General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps shares, Soap Opera Digest reported that the Nurses Ball would bring a significant discovery, a character return, and a wedding. While the return and discovery tidbits remain under wraps, it certainly would appear that the wedding will be for Lucas and Brad. However, ABC teases additional tidbits that make this upcoming event sound like one of the juiciest yet.

“As always, the Nurses Ball will be the backdrop for several dramatic events taking place in Port Charles including a popular resident whose life hangs in the balance, a surprising arrest, a new couple and much more.”

Thanks to the General Hospital spoiler preview for the Nurses Ball, it would appear that the new couple will likely be a reference to Kiki and Dillon. Fans have had a hunch that this friendship would morph into a romance, and it looks like the two will be sharing a kiss as the event plays out. Rumors hint that the arrest refers to Julian.

Julian may have pressured Alexis into accepting his role in Carlos’ murder, but he may not be free from consequences yet. Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how it comes together, but if the General Hospital spoiler buzz is accurate, Julian will still be facing issues and he may not be able to wriggle away from taking responsibility this time.

What about the life that is hanging in the balance? Sadly, there are signs coming together that support the General Hospital spoiler buzz pointing toward Lucas being the one in peril. Would the show really kill him off as some are speculating? Celeb Dirty Laundry has been posting quite a bit about the idea that Lucas dies during the event, and there is talk that Bobbie will be put in the heartbreaking position of having to take him off life support or something of that nature.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central tease that soon Morgan will be left devastated when a body is recovered, and some are linking this to the rumors of Lucas’ death. However, it is not known yet whether these two things are linked, and it would appear that the timing might be a bit off for that to be the case. There are photos for the Nurses Ball shared online, and Lucas will be with Brad, Bobbie, and others from Port Charles as the event kicks into gear.

However, with the rumors swirling, some fans have tried to elicit some scoop from actor Ryan Carnes about Lucas’ welfare. Unfortunately, he has teased just enough to leave his fans quite worried. Would the show really kill off Lucas? The character has ties to several central families in Port Charles, so his death would leave many key characters shaken.

Granted, killing off Lucas could generate plenty of storylines, especially if the death is mob-related as the rumors indicate. However, viewers see plenty that the show could be doing with the character if they wanted to utilize Carnes more. He does seem to have multiple projects in the works elsewhere, according to his IMDb page, which is great news for his fans, but it may also be seen as further confirmation that he is suddenly free to tackle roles on other projects due to a departure from GH.

Celeb Dirty Laundry even speculates that Anthony Geary may be the character returning soon in the midst of all of this, as it would not be a surprise to see Luke return for Lucas’ funeral. Despite a lot of grand fanfare when he left a while back, Geary has said that he would be open to returning to the show briefly for the right storyline.

Many have been lamenting the lack of real storylines for Lucas and Brad, as the actors certainly could have more going on than what they’ve been given to play. Fans who are buzzing about the speculation that Lucas will be killed off are not happy about the supposed storyline and this one is generating quite a bit of buzz. Answers will be coming soon and everybody will be anxious to get more solid General Hospital spoilers regarding this rumor. Will Lucas die right as he is finally supposed to marry Brad or are the rumors wrong?

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