WWE News: Major Push Planned For WWE Superstar Kevin Owens This Year

WWE Superstar Kevin Owens has been quite impressive since arriving in WWE a little over a year ago. He made a quick impression with WWE NXT where he beat up his former best friend Sami Zayn the night he won the NXT Championship. Owens took the title from Zayn and held it for months before finally losing the title to Finn Balor last July. He would make a huge impact on the main roster, as well, as he put down John Cena his first night on WWE RAW. He would then beat Cena in his first match on the main roster as well.

There are few ways to better make an impact in the WWE that early, but he would continue his run by winning two WWE Intercontinental Titles in his first year on the main roster. Truthfully, few have been on the run that Owens has been on as of late, and the fans absolutely love him for it. Coming in, Kevin Owens had a big legion of fans from his time on the independent circuit, and he has been able to gain a new following since coming to the WWE. While he was already appreciated by wrestling aficionados, now even the casual fans are enjoying his work.

Similar to Edge, Randy Orton, and CM Punk, Owens has managed to get a lot of love even while technically being a bad guy. Everywhere WWE goes, the same thing follows, and fans love Kevin Owens. On top of this, his work on social media has led for fans to love him more as he shuts down haters better than most anyone in WWE by blocking every person that writes something negative and sends it to him. All of this love may have finally managed to catch the eye of the WWE Chairman himself.

Owens Cena
image via WWE

According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE has taken notice of the great work Owens has been able to do lately. Vince McMahon himself has become a fan of Owens after originally not caring for him due to his look. Vince is known for liking a certain type of look for his WWE Superstars, which is well documented, but with this new generation, the thought is that he will see a lot of different types of bodies, and he has to be okay with them not being the same old 80’s muscle bound guys.

Apparently, officials are not just impressed with his in-ring work, but also with his work on the mic and on commentary. McMahon may now be one Owens’ biggest supporters, which is a huge level of support to have at the end of the day. Due to McMahon being over his issues with Kevin Owens’ look, he is now enjoying Owens for his abilities. After years of dreaming of catching Vince’s famous brass ring, KO finally has an opportunity to become a true WWE superstar, and perhaps one day, a WWE Legend.

Kevin Owens is now currently penciled in for a main event level push after his rivalry with Sami Zayn wraps up. Some believe this rivalry will be revisited as it was when the two were on the independent scene together. However, it must end for a while so the two of them can move on to bigger and better things. That may be what happens for Kevin Owens right away after the current phase of the rivalry is over.

Owens Zayn
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It is not yet known if WWE plans to push Kevin Owens into the WWE World Heavyweight Title scene immediately, but there are some who support the idea of him getting to that level.

One theory that has been thrown around is having Owens win the Money in the Bank ladder match, which would instantly give him credibility as a top talent and allow WWE to push him as a main event performer without having to automatically throw him into the WWE World Title scene right away. They could always wait a bit for that and have him take the title later on, especially if the plan is to make him a top heel in the WWE.

Right now, no one knows what WWE wants to do with Roman Reigns, who is the most unpopular baby face in years. The situation is further complicated by the fact that Seth Rollins will not be able to return and work as a heel legitimately due to the love he has from his fans at this point in his career. With the need for a top heel being present, Kevin Owens more than qualifies. The problem is, he cannot be seen as that without winning a WWE World Title or two. Due to this, we could see him win MITB and cash in later on in order to help build him as a top heel with the company.

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