Bethenny Frankel Tipsy Girl Drama: Ramona Singer Was Invested In The Brand Before Sonja?

Bethenny Frankel appears to be very hurt that Sonja Morgan would pursue a booze brand called Tipsy Girl, something that would create direct competition with her Skinnygirl business. Frankel wasn’t present on Sonja’s birthday, where she announced the name of her new Prosecco brand, but many of the housewives’ thoughts quickly went to Bethenny. And on tonight’s episode, Frankel will confront Morgan about the business. But a new report suggests that Ramona Singer may have had more to do with this business than she is leading on.

According to a new Radar Online report, Bethenny Frankel may have been tricked by her co-star, Ramona Singer. Sources have revealed that Ramona, who already has experience with the booze industry with her Pinot Grigio, was in a business relationship with Piermario Del Rosso and Peter Guimaraes. These two are the men behind Tipsy Girl and they supposedly once worked with Ramona to ensure her stake in the brand.

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Supposedly, Ramona wanted to surprise Bethenny Frankel at Sonja’s birthday party with this new project to see how she would react with some competition. Radar Online reveals that a business meeting took place back in September, where Ramona was celebrating with her new partner. This was long before Sonja became the face of the brand. But when Frankel got word of the new business, Singer bowed out of the deal and Morgan took on the project.

“Bethenny got wind of it,” a source has revealed to Radar Online adding, “and she was scared. Everyone is scared of Bethenny. It’s ridiculous.”

Apparently, many of the ladies are scared of Bethenny Frankel. And some people believe that Frankel is so close with Andy Cohen that she could get them fired for even trying to compete with her $100 million empire. The surprising part about this is that Singer acted very surprised when Sonja announced her Tipsy Girl business. And maybe she was trying to secure her spot with Bethenny Frankel, as she clearly pointed to Bethenny’s business during last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of New York.

“Skinny girl? Tipsy girl? A little too close to home,” Ramona questioned on The Real Housewives of New York, pointing to Bethenny’s empire.

Even though Frankel wasn’t at the birthday party, she has learned about this new business venture. And on tonight’s episode, Frankel confronts Sonja. And Bethenny took steps to protect her brand by filing trademarks for the name at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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“When a brand rides on the coattails of another brand, they call it a cheater brand,” Frankel tells Morgan on tonight’s episode, according to Radar Online, adding, “It’s a personal insult and I don’t want anything to do with you.”

During the episode, Bethenny makes her co-star cry. Even though Sonja may not get the trademark for the name, she is pushing forward with the line of booze. The products will be sold in stores in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, Florida, and the Carolinas “for now.” But Bethenny Frankel may be questioning her co-star’s business ventures, as she doesn’t think it will happen.

“I really do work like a dog, and it is so challenging running a business and a brand. Most of it isn’t glamorous but more like a grind. It is my mission to help women in business and give them inspiration and guidance but also to not fool them into thinking you go on TV and voila you have a business,” Bethenny has revealed in her Bravo blog. “Sonja has had: an event company, a jewelry line, toaster, nigerian football team, fashion line, and now a Prosecco — none of which have come to fruition. It is laughable but more sad. Women, this is not how it works. This is the problem when being a reality star is your actual job versus having a career the show follows. People create imaginary businesses to stay relevant.”

What do you think of Ramona possibly being involved with the brand before Sonja? Do you think Bethenny Frankel has a right to protect her brand the way she has?

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