'Survivor' Season 33 Spoilers And Speculation: The Rumored Castaway List Is Revealed, What's Known About This One So Far?

Stacy Carey

The Survivor: Koah Rong -- Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty finale airs Wednesday night and that will get fans buzzing about Season 33 that is set to debut this fall. Viewers will surely get a preview clip and some teasers from host Jeff Probst toward the end of the May 18 finale, but there are a few other Survivor spoiler tidbits floating around. What's known so far about the battle that will air this fall?

In terms of solid Survivor spoilers, many have come to rely on the scoop coming from an online poster who goes by "Redmond." That poster, Martin Holmes, now has a website of his own called Inside Survivor and he is detailing plenty of tidbits related to the next offering from the franchise. While he stays away from elimination order spoilers, Redmond has become a guru at uncovering various locations, themes, and twist spoilers. What has he shared so far about Season 33?

CBS will unveil the formal name of the next season soon, but Survivor spoilers indicate that it was filmed in Fiji, specifically on the Mamanuca Islands. As has become typical with the series, both Seasons 33 and 34 are being filmed in Fiji back-to-back, with the second season being held to air next spring. It seems that next spring, viewers will see a cast of returnees, though the final list of castaways does not seem to be pinned down quite yet. The show has filmed in Fiji previously, back in 2006. Filming for the next season should be wrapped up by now and Season 34 will be finished in early July.


Redmond has also posted a list of the rumored castaways for Season 33 and it did not take long for those over at Survivor Sucks to notice some patterns. If the list is correct, and Redmond's Survivor spoilers for these kinds of things are generally spot-on, it is clear to see that the show had some kind of pattern in mind during casting. There are several castaways who work in the comedy and/or writing field and several who work in various forms of ministry. There are also several who are either attorneys or police officers, though that isn't entirely unusual.

This cast doesn't have much in the way of recognizable names and there are no returning castaways. Some Survivor spoiler fans are familiar with rumored contestant Mari Takahashi. As Millenial Magazine details, Takahashi is a former ballerina who has now created a name for herself as a professional video gamer. She is part of the Smosh Games channel team, a page that has nearly 7 million subscribers, and she has built her own brand with the AtomicMari page as well.

A few more tidbits will certainly be revealed Wednesday night as the Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty Koah Rong finale plays out. It seems that there had been a delay in production at the beginning of filming this spring in Fiji, so many more Survivor spoilers should be emerging soon as the castaways get back to their regular lives and things kick back into gear again on social media. What do you think the dominant pattern or theme will be when Season 33 debuts this fall?