‘Days Of Our Lives’: Chad DiMera Gets New Love Interest Or Does ‘Chabby’ Still Have A Chance? [Spoilers]

Days Of Our Lives fans wondered when Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) and Abigail Devereaux (Kate Mansi) would get their happy ending. After a lot of turmoil and almost losing their lives to Ben Weston (Robert Scott Wilson), “Chabby” finally got married. Instead of spending their new lives together, Abigail had to check into a psychiatric hospital and she is only getting worse. With Mansi’s departure from the soap opera and Abby’s hospitalization, what happens with Chad Dimera now? Some sources say that Flynn’s character will get a new love interest and “Chabby” fans are not happy.

Warning: Possible spoilers for Days Of Our Lives are ahead!

When Kate Mansi announced she was leaving the NBC soap opera, fans wondered what would happen to the character of Abigail Devereaux. There were theories that Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) would kill Abby. He came close, but she survived, though not without some major issues. The trauma from surviving Ben’s kidnapping, attempted murder and mental hospital escape was too much for the new mother. Shortly after marrying Chad DiMera, Abigail checked into a psychiatric institution.

The latest rumors have Abigail being recast, which makes fans happy. Let’s just hope the soap opera gives the role to a seasoned actress, one that can fill Mansi’s shoes. In the meantime, the writers had to do something with Abigail, so they had the character getting help from professionals. However, the shady Dr. Robinson doesn’t seem to be helping Abby at all. Last week, “Chabby” fans were stunned when Abigail didn’t even want to see her family anymore. To make things worse, she even threw her baby’s toy in the trash before breaking down in tears.

Until recently, Chad DiMera was doing the best he could to keep things together. However, with Abigail banning visits, he seems to be losing control a bit. He is irritable, can’t seem to focus, and even snapped at Ciara Brady (Vivian Jovanni), who is now the nanny for Chad and Abigail’s baby. The young DiMera’s response is understandable, but it looks like the writers are already looking to switch gears for Billy Flynn’s character.

According to Days Cafe, DOOL spoilers for the week of May 23-27 state Hope Brady’s (Kristian Alfonso) daughter will begin developing romantic feelings for her employer. “Chabby” fans definitely won’t be happy about this. Before getting too upset, let’s keep things in perspective. DOOL spoilers state that Ciara has feelings for Chad. They don’t mention if DiMera feels the same way. However, with Theo Carver (Kyler Pettis) in love with Ciara, this can really complicate things for a lot of families in Salem. As long-time viewers know, Chad is Theo’s half-uncle, and the two have a good relationship, at least for now.

Another source also brought up Chad DiMera and Ciara Brady‘s arrangement. International Business Times wrote that fans are suspicious that Ciara may begin to have feelings for Abigail’s husband. However, will she act on these feelings or keep them to herself?

Chad and Ciara are not the only characters on Days Of Our Lives that will share romantic scenes. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Rafe will witness Hope and Aiden kissing. After seeing the former lovers smooch, Galen Gering’s character will storm off. Also, Belle (Martha Madison) will get a bit tipsy, show up at Shawn’s (Brandon Beemer) doorstep, and lock lips with her ex. However, does she really want Shawn back or does she just not want to be alone after being dumped by Philp?

Do you think Chad DiMera and Ciara Brady will have an affair? Or is he still devoted to his wife? What will happen to “Chabby” on Days Of Our Lives now that Abigail has cut off contact?

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