NBA Rumors: Will Boston Celtics Attempt To Trade Any Of Their Eight Draft Picks For Proven Talent?

With an incredible eight selections in the upcoming 2016 NBA Draft — including the No. 3 selection — the Boston Celtics could amass an incredible stockpile of talent from the amateur selection process. But rumors are swirling that the Celtics could trade some of their selections for proven NBA talent instead of using all eight draft selections this year, according to multiple media reports.

The Vertical first reported that Celtics President Danny Ainge will be going after veterans to add to his talented young core this off-season. Rumors have even suggested that a budding superstar could be on the team’s wishlist. These rumors include Boston attempting to parlay their massive amount of draft picks into a superstar the likes of Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant.

“The Celtics could continue to rebuild slowly, organically, but those who know Ainge know that just isn’t his style… Ainge will be aggressive in free agency, team sources told The Vertical, and yes, that means a run at Kevin Durant. The Celtics believe Durant will meet with them this summer, but they know that meeting won’t accomplish much unless there are significant moves leading into it.”

To attract a player like Kevin Durant, Boston would need to add another high-level NBA player to their roster, the rumors suggested. “Boston needs a deal for Jimmy Butler, a commitment from Al Horford, a carrot to dangle in front of Durant to persuade him that relocating east is the smart play,” The Vertical‘s Chris Mannix wrote.

To obtain another high-level athlete the likes of Jimmy Butler or Al Horford may require Boston yielding some of their eight picks in the 2016 NBA Draft. Selections that might be extremely enticing to other NBA franchises include the three picks — No. 16, 23, and 31 — that the Celtics own near the latter portion of the first round. Other rumors suggest Boston could look to package two or more of their five second-round draft selections into a deal to acquire veterans that augment their young core of players.

Another rumor floating around the league is that Boston could use their draft stockpile to move up in the draft, pairing a high-level rookie with whomever the Celtics picks with the remaining selections. Bleacher Report suggested that a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers — who are rumored to be willing to part with their No. 2 pick — could land the Celtics a chance to bring either Brandon Ingram or Ben Simmons to Boston with the No. 2 pick.

One reason Boston may look to ship away some of their picks is their unimpressive past in the draft, SB Nation explained in a recent article. That is especially true of the team’s history making a top-10 selection. Despite having selected the likes of John Havlicek (1962), Larry Bird (1978), and Kevin McHale (1980) in their past, the team also has selected numerous busts. Names like Eric Montross (1994), Ron Mercer (1997), and Randy Foye (2006) are reminders that top-rated talent doesn’t always turn into all-star players at the next level.

If the Celtics decide to keep their No. 3 pick, rumors suggest that Boston may be interested in Oklahoma’s Buddy Hield, according to a report by The Republican. In leading his team to the Final Four this season, Buddy Hield drew flattering comparisons to Kobe Bryant during the NCAA Tournament, the Inquisitr reported. ESPN draft expert Chad Ford expected the pick to be used on a backcourt player, whether Buddy Hield is the selection or not.

“If [the Boston Celtics] fall outside the top two, look for them to address the backcourt. The Celtics love Marcus Smart, Avery Bradley and Isaiah Thomas in their current backcourt, but (Jamal) Murray’s shooting and versatility would be too much to pass up — though sources say they’re tempted by Buddy Hield, an even better shooter and more ready to step in and play right now.”

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