‘American Horror Story’ Stars Evan Peters And Emma Roberts Split Again — Will This Affect Casting For Season 6?

Evan Peters and Emma Roberts have split up again. The American Horror Story alums have been dating for just over four years prior to ending their relationship. Now fans of the FX hit are wondering how Evan and Emma’s breakup might affect casting for Season 6 of AHS.

According to Us Weekly, the American Horror Story breakup was amicable and there is no bad blood between Emma Roberts and Evan Peters. Emma and Evan starred in Seasons 3 and 4 together on AHS and both had expressed interest in returning to the FX hit for Season 6.

Emma and Evan have split in the past. The AHS couple started dating in the spring of 2012 after meeting on the set of a film they made together called Adult World. They became engaged for Christmas in 2013 before splitting temporarily in June 2014. They were only broken up for a few months before reuniting in August. Now, out of nowhere, it looks like Evan and Emma have decided to call it quits again.

Prior to their engagement, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts made headlines in Montreal in July 2013. Emma was arrested during a domestic violence incident in their Canadian hotel room, and when police showed up, Evan had a bloody nose and bite marks. Roberts was arrested but was released and not charged for abusing her then-boyfriend because Peters refused to press charges. After the incident, both Evan and Emma refused to talk about the incident and reps for the couple reported that they were trying to move past it.

Evan Peters is one of the few actors who has starred in every single season of American Horror Story and was expected to sign on again for Season 6. Likewise, Emma Roberts recently commented about how she wanted to come back to the FX hit and work alongside Lady Gaga. With filming for Scream Queens moving to Los Angeles for Season 2, a return to AHS became a real possibility. Now with the breakup of Evan Peters and Emma Roberts, many fans are wondering if one or both of them might opt out of returning for another season of the popular anthology series.

There’s still no word as to why Evan Peters and Emma Roberts broke up this time around but after their split last year, someone close to the couple was talking. “Their three years together just ran its course,” a source told Just Jared. “They have so many great memories together but couldn’t make it work in the end. The break-up was amicable – there was no drama whatsoever. Emma and Evan are even still friends!”

That might be good news for American Horror Story fans, or at least for those fans who want to see both Evan and Emma back on set. Let’s hope Evan and Emma’s split was amicable this time around too. So far, neither of their reps are commenting on the split and neither are they. If the former couple can remain friends and work together, we might just get both of them involved in Season 6 of AHS. Emma Roberts isn’t incredibly popular with die-hard Evan Peters fans, who have rallied behind the actor to hook up with Taissa Farmiga, his on-screen girlfriend in Murder House, and Coven. Although the two have never been romantically linked off-screen, Evan and Taissa are far more popular as a couple.

There are multiple reports that Evan and Emma often fought on the set of American Horror Story: Freak Show, so their breakup isn’t a huge surprise. Angela Bassett even commented on Emma Roberts, referring to her as a “free spirit.” According to the IB Times, Bassett said of her co-star, “Emma is pretty crazy, especially last night. It was she and I till midnight outdoors in the cold. She’s pretty funny.”

What do you think of the Evan Peters and Emma Roberts split? Will they still both take on roles in Season 6 of American Horror Story? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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