Tom Cruise Cuts Ties With L.A., Is He Moving To Scientology Estate In England?

It’s official: Tom Cruise is finally leaving L.A. with no official forwarding address, but the buzz is that Cruise is relocating to the former home of Scientology guru L. Ron Hubbard in England. As the parent of daughter Suri, one would think that Cruise would want to stay close, but he allegedly does not have much contact with his daughter, who is in the custody of her mother, Katie Holmes. The Beverly Hills home of Tom Cruise is now off the market, and is in escrow.

According to the Inquisitr, whether Suri Cruise is in New York or Los Angeles, Tom Cruise hasn’t been around. Most divorced parents share custody, but Katie Holmes reportedly prefers that daughter Suri stay out of the clutches of Scientology.

TMZ is reporting that Tom Cruise sold his 10,000-square foot mansion for $40 million to Leon Black, the billionaire owner of a private equity firm. This is the second home in the Los Angeles area that Cruise has sold in the last year, as he sold his Hollywood Hills home to Eva Longoria in October.

The Beverly Hills mansion is in escrow, but Cruise reportedly made about $10 million on the deal, and is planning on moving out of California for good, but where will Cruise turn up?

The Daily Mail is suggesting that Tom Cruise will be making a move to a place near and dear to the Scientology community, and that is the former home of Scientology guru and Cruise’s idol, L. Ron Hubbard. The Hubbard estate, known as Saint Hill Manor, is 100 acres, and will allegedly be the new home of Tom Cruise, as he has not only sold his Los Angeles area properties, but he is reportedly also selling his own English estate, Rede Place, that he shared with Katie Holmes. Saint Hill Manor is said to be “fit for a king.

Daily Mail is suggesting that Tom Cruise is selling off other properties to make Saint Hill Manor not only his home base, but the destination landmark for Scientology worldwide. Another advantage to being in England is to be nearer to daughter Isabella, who lives in London with her husband. Cruise, who is said to be more devoted than ever to Scientology, has already been staying at the estate while filming in England, according to sources.

“Tom is relocating to England and uses the Scientology manor as his base. It’s the highest recognition to live where L.Ron Hubbard did, and Miscavige clearly believes giving Tom [Cruise] this access will keep his faith in the Church for decades to come.”

And it’s not just Scientology funds restoring the former Hubbard estate, but Tom Cruise is sinking his own funds into the project, so it is difficult to see where Cruise stops and Scientology begins.

“It might sound like a deluded dream but with bottomless cash and ongoing renovations they believe that, in time, Saint Hill Manor will overshadow Buckingham Palace.”

Elle Decor says that Tom Cruise is committed to making the Scientology homestead in England a landmark for the religion, and a celebration of the life of Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. The building on the property known as “The Castle” is home to the executive offices, dining rooms, and places for Scientology studies and auditing.

L. Ron Hubbard bought the estate in 1957, and the renovation started in 2011 to commemorate what would have been Hubbard’s 100th birthday. It is considered a high religious honor to be able to call Saint Hill Manor home, and Tom Cruise, as the celebrity face of Scientology, is eager to take full advantage.

Do you think that Tom Cruise is selling all of his other properties to devote his time and funds to Scientology?

[Photo by Ken Ishii/Getty Images]