Al Sharpton Headed To Prison For Breaking H.R. 22 With $50,000 Or More Owed In Taxes?

Al Sharpton is a constant figure in the news. As reported by the Inquisitr, folks worried whether Sharpton was too skinny when the five-foot-10 Al revealed that he weighed only 129 pounds. Having lost 176 pounds, Rev. Al revealed his diet to folks back in 2014 and discussed eating whole-wheat toast, salads, and exercising for 20 minutes on the treadmill each morning.

Then there was the time during May of 2015, when Al’s daughter, Dominique Sharpton, became the focus of the news due to the younger Sharpton suing New York for $5 million, as reported by the Daily Mail. Sharpton’s oldest daughter claimed she was “severely injured, bruised and wounded” when she tripped over a piece of concrete on a New York sidewalk.

That lawsuit from Al’s daughter didn’t sit well with all of New York’s residents, especially when Sharpton’s daughter was later ordered not to delete any social media proof on Instagram or other platforms that contradicted her $5 million lawsuit claims, as reported by the Inquisitr.

And then there was the dramatic video that emerged when a black pastor called Sharpton a “pimp” after Rev. Al asked preachers to each give $100 as he spoke in Hartford, Connecticut. Sharpton was there for a rally to protest violence, with the Rev. Al showing up at Shiloh Baptist Church to ask for monies for a memorial for the African Americans who’d lost their lives in the violence. Reverend Marcus Mosiah Jarvis wasn’t buying Sharpton’s rhetoric, and he made his feelings well known about Rev. Al taking 10 minutes to plead for donations.

Now Sharpton’s name finds itself in the press once more, and again with Rev. Al’s name being connected to money. As seen in the top photo above, Sharpton was joined by Aisha McShaw for a much less controversial date when Al and Aisha attended the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner. Sharpton and his girlfriend are pictured on Saturday, April 30 at the Washington Hilton Hotel, in Washington.

Sharpton’s girlfriend is a Westchester personal stylist, reports the New York Daily News. The 61-year-old Al has a much younger woman by his side, with Aisha being approximately 38 years of age.

However, a new report claims Sharpton is going to prison for owing more than $50,000 in back taxes that has tongues wagging. A couple of conservative websites posted the following information about Sharpton supposedly going to prison for back taxes – but are the claims about Rev. Al true? With headlines like “BREAKING NEWS: Rev. Al Sharpton IS GOING TO PRISON!?!” and “Al Sharpton Gets The Worst News Of His Life – May Go To Prison” and “BREAKING: Al Sharpton Just Got Hit With Horrible News, Looking At Time Behind Bars,” they certainly sound alarming for Al.

“Things aren’t looking so good for race-baiter and professional scammer Al Sharpton. According to reports, he’s set to have his passport revoked. H.R. 22, the newest law signed by President Obama, moves to strip passports from anyone who owes more than $50,000 in back taxes. The measure went in to effect on New Year’s Day. Still, Sharpton doesn’t seem too worried.”

“‘We’re talking about old taxes,’ he commented. ‘I think it’s political.'”

“Apparently, Sharpton doesn’t understand that breaking tax law is illegal, not political. He clearly thinks highly of himself, but he is not above the law. Or maybe Sharpton just thinks that Obama will let him off the law—which is very probable. We know how little our president respects the law or enforcement of them. What do you think? Is it time Al Sharpton was punished for his crimes?”

Of course, a topic like that would draw plenty of views. It’s not the first time that Sharpton has been accused of owing large sums of money for taxes, as reported by Snopes.

The Daily Beast reported on Sharpton’s financial woes as well, but with no mainstream publication confirming any news about Rev. Al going to prison for back taxes, those articles being spread about Sharpton and prison can be taken with a grain of salt. Indeed, H.R. 22 talks about stripping passports from folks who owe more than $50,000, but where the leap is made about Sharpton going to prison isn’t backed by actual facts as of this writing.

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