Dominique Sharpton’s Instagram Photos: New York City Orders Al Sharpton’s Daughter Not To Delete Proof That Contradicts Her $5 Million Lawsuit Claims

The Instagram account of Dominique Sharpton is being scrutinized, as reported by the Inquisitr. That’s because the daughter of Al Sharpton is suing New York City for $5 million, blaming the city for causing injuries to her ankle. As noted in that article, several tweets on Sharpton’s Twitter feed displayed Instagram links. Once users followed those Instagram links, like one that previously was found here, they discovered that they have been deleted.

With that Instagram photo posted on November 3, 2014 — one short month after the event that allegedly caused Dominique to endure an ankle sprain — it would’ve been an integral one that helped prove or disprove her injuries. If Sharpton would’ve been pictured in heels in the now-deleted Instagram photo — or jogging around in tennis shoes — that would’ve hurt her case.

“In Asbury Park, Nj with @nationalaction chapter here encouraging people to Get out the Vote tomorrow.”

As such, according to the New York Post, Dominique has been ordered by the city to stop deleting any Instagram photos that could’ve proved the condition of her ankle shortly after her injury. The same publication states that Sharpton uploaded her sprained ankle photo to Instagram on October 2, reportedly showing her wearing a walking boot. Photos like these and information about her injury have been deleted from Dominique’s Instagram account, so there are curious questions about why Instagram evidence is being deleted with a pending lawsuit.

“I sprained my ankle real bad lol.”

The most recent Instagram photos on the Ms Sharpton2u Instagram account posted

“Vegas nights with the fam!”

The general mood of Sharpton’s Instagram photo deleting makes folks wonder what Al Sharpton’s daughter has to hide in her bid to sue the Big Apple for $5 million.


@MSSharpton2u does all this deception run in your family?..seriously wtf is wrong with you..#dropdalawsuit lol

— urasillylibby (@urasillylibby) May 21, 2015

Another recent post on the mssharpton2u Instagram account uploaded 3 days ago — on or about May 20 — shows Sharpton enjoying a temple. The social media backlash against Dominique seems to be growing louder with every photo uploaded to Instagram, with users urging her to drop her $5 million lawsuit against the city.

“Taiwan temple built in 1738. All hand crafted… Soooo beautiful! #beblessed”

[Image via Instagram]