Ciara Loses Major Custody Battle Against Future — Judge Rejects Her Bid For Sole Custody Of Her Son

Ciara and Future will have to co-parent, after all.

Gossip Cop reports that the “Body Party” singer was denied sole custody of her son at a hearing today.

TMZ reports that during the hearing, Ciara and her lawyers claimed that Future was a bad parent who had given up his responsibility of taking care of his child. Future was present at the hearing and was the one who asked for joint custody. According to TMZ, California courts tend to favor joint custody, so the result is not atypical.

This is yet another chapter in the ongoing war between exes Ciara and Future. Each of them has accused the other of being a bad parent in the past.

In July 2015, during an interview on The Breakfast Club, Future said that he had a problem with Ciara bringing her new beau, Russell Wilson, around his son. He specifically said that he did not want Wilson pushing his son’s stroller, Entertainment Online reported at the time.

“Of course I wouldn’t want anyone to push my son,” Future said. “That’s like the number one rule. If I was a kid, and my mom had a dude pushing me, I would’ve jumped out the stroller and slapped the sh*t out of him.”

“You never do that in our community,” he continued. “You don’t even bring a man around your son. You only know this dude for a few months and you’re bringing him around your kid? Who does that? Nobody does that.”

Future then accused Ciara of setting up the photo of Wilson pushing their son in the stroller.

“At the end of the day, I’m not for the publicity stunt,” he said. “Leave my son out of all the publicity sh*t. Just leave him out of your relationship, because we don’t need your relationship for anything.”

As Gossip Cop notes, Future also accused Ciara of preventing him from seeing their son via Twitter earlier this year.

“This b*tch got control problems,” Future tweeted. “I gotta go through lawyers to see babyfuture…the [expletive] for 15k a month.”

“I jus [sic] want babyfuture that’s all,” he added.

Future’s derogatory comments about Ciara led to her slamming him with a $15 million slander and libel lawsuit.

Future countersued, Gossip Cop reports, arguing that Ciara filed the defamation suit for publicity reasons. In the suit, he claims that Ciara and Russell Wilson carry his son around to generate buzz for the paparazzi. Future wants Ciara to pay his legal fees and demands compensation for unspecified punitive damages.

Both Ciara and Future’s lawsuits are still pending.

Ciara has been pretty quiet about responding to Future’s comments, obviously preferring to speak through her lawyers. She’s still thrown her share of subliminal jabs at her ex.

As Fuse reports, Ciara refused to say Future’s name when announcing the nominations for the Best Rap Artist category for the 2016 Billboard Music Awards. Her co-host Ludacris had to fill in the blanks.

Future and Ciara called off their engagement in August 2014, just three months after she gave birth to their son. At the time, many thought that the breakup was caused by Future’s infidelity, a claim that Future has repeatedly denied. In a 2015 interview with HuffPost Live, Future insisted that he was the one who ended the relationship.

“Everybody already had their speculation on what happened. A lot of people said, ‘Man, he cheated.’ But our relationship had nothing to do with cheating. We grew apart,” Future said. “As a man, you want to make decisions for your family, and sometimes the lady doesn’t see what you see. I called [the engagement] off long before any cheating rumors came out. I was like, ‘This isn’t going to work out.'”

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