‘Sons Of Anarchy’ Prequel ‘The First 9’ To Start Filming In 2017? Kurt Sutter May Have Plans Beyond ‘Mayans MC’

Fans are about to get more of Sons of Anarchy in the coming years. Along with Kurt Sutter’s announcement about the Mayans MC spin-off, the creator is also working on a Sons of Anarchy prequel. Will The First 9 start production in 2017? And, more importantly, will Charlie Hunnam make an appearance as a young Jax Teller?

According to KpopStarz, Sutter previously revealed his plans to start work on the prequel in 2017. The project is tentatively named The First 9 and will center on the origins of SAMCRO.

“I’ve had discussions with the network about it, and I think they are open to it,” Sutter stated. “I think there is something really interesting about the origins of the club. And to do a period piece set in the ’60s, post-Vietnam could be kind of cool. I don’t think we would dovetail and start right after the series ended, but it’s something I’m potentially excited about it,” he added further.

Hunnam has yet to confirm his part in the prequel. If the show is set in the ’60s, then the chances of the actor reprising his role as Jax are unlikely.

Charlie Hunnam and 'Sons of Anarchy' creator Kurt Sutter [Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty]

However, if the series is set a little closer to the events in Sons of Anarchy, then there is a possibility that Hunnam could eventually make a cameo. At this time, it is far too early to tell which direction Sutter will take.

Meanwhile, Cinema Blend is reporting that the prequel could take a number of different shapes, including a mini-series or possibly even a movie.

In a recent interview, Sons of Anarchy alum Rusty Coones explained how Sutter has a few projects about the biker world in the works.

“I’m not privy to all the inside stuff like that, but there will be some things coming. No doubt about it. There’s going to be some kind of mini-series or maybe a regular series. Maybe a movie, you know, based on the original series,” Coones revealed. “Timelines might be a little different. Maybe a prequel on one of them. There’s a lot of options with that to work with.”

Of course, Sutter has built plenty of backstory about the founding members of the biker gang. This material is large enough that Sutter could produce a series that spans a few years, though fans would certainly be happy with a mini-series.

Meanwhile, Sutter is currently working hard on his newest spin-off show, Mayans MC. Although Sutter is going to be very busy in the coming months, E! Online is reporting that the prequel idea is still on the table.

The Mayans were allies and enemies of SAMCRO on Sons of Anarchy. [Image via FX]
The Mayans were allies and enemies of SAMCRO on 'Sons of Anarchy.' [Image by FX]

“I want to honor this mythology we created, and I didn’t want to step on it, so I think I like the idea of it being a one-off and perhaps just to establish how the club was formed and let it go at that,” Sutter revealed.

The Sons of Anarchy creator went on to explain how the ’60s are a perfect backdrop for a biker drama, especially one that stars the father of Jax Teller.

“I feel it will be a little more, I don’t want to say a historical show, but it takes place in the ’60s, and it’s Vietnam, so there’s a lot of iconic events happenings around it that influence John Teller,” he stated. “To me, that’s an interesting show to make, and I think the die-hard fans will plug into that.”

An official production date for the prequel has not been announced. At the same time, Sutter has not announced when Mayans MC will start filming, though the new spin-off will likely get underway before the prequel.

Tell us! Would you tune in to watch both a Sons of Anarchy prequel and the Mayans MC? Let us know in the comments below.

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