‘Chicago Fire’ Finale Spoilers: Season 4 Ending Brings Relationship Troubles And Explosive Challenges — Will Everybody Survive?

It is time for the Season 4 finale of Chicago Fire, and spoilers tease that this could be a heartbreaking one. Lives will be hanging in the balance, and one fan-favorite character may be bidding the team farewell. What can everybody expect from “Superhero”? Will the show return to NBC for Season 5 in the fall?

According to TV Guide, there will be a massive structure fire that the team needs to tackle during the May 17 finale, and Chicago Fire spoiler previews certainly make it appear that Dawson could die during this blaze. Would the show really kill her off? Fans are buzzing about this possibility, and viewers will not be happy if that’s the way things play out.

Dawson has been working toward fostering Louie and this has created complications in her relationship with Casey. The relationship has been further complicated by Casey’s new gig as alderman and viewers will see more of this during the Season 4 finale. Executive producer Matt Olmstead teased some Chicago Fire spoilers via TVLine about the Casey and Dawson relationship. He shares that there will be some level of clarification regarding their relationship by the end of the episode. However, given the previews teasing that her life may be hanging in the balance, this makes many wonder where things are headed.

The Season 4 finale also brings more with Jimmy and Boden. Jimmy’s brother is facing a serious injury that Jimmy believes came as a result of negligence on Boden’s part. Things will be tense between the two, and Chicago Fire spoilers share that these tensions will cause conflict within the house as it all plays out. There is definitely at least one cliffhanger on Tuesday’s finale, as Chicago Fire spoilers indicate that Severide will be caught in a dangerous situation involving Grant, the ex-husband of Stella. Grant blames Severide for his marriage failing and he escalates out of control in a way that could put Severide at risk.

Will fans be left with a cliffhanger regarding Dawson’s fate? That may well be the case, but how does that impact the clarity said to be coming regarding her connection to Casey? TV Guide teases Chicago Fire spoilers noting that Casey will make a decision that will impact the direction their relationship heads next. Would he really choose his new political career and the consultant he’s working with over building a future with Dawson and possibly Louie?

These two are definitely at different places in their lives, but could this explosion with Dawson right at the center of the action change Casey’s mind about what he wants? The sequence of how things will play out during Tuesday’s finale is unknown, but fans have a hard time imagining that the show would really kill her off and permanently torpedo this relationship. Folks may be left hanging, but luckily, Chicago Fire has been renewed for Season 5, so there will be answers coming this fall.

Will Severide’s conflict with Grant put him in grave danger? Olmstead teased Chicago Fire spoilers via Entertainment Weekly detailing that this conflict will be prominent during the last few minutes of the Season 4 finale, and viewers should be prepared to be left with serious questions about what comes next.

Do you think Dawson will survive the fire and be able to build a future with both Louie and Casey? Can Severide handle this threat from Kidd’s ex-husband? Fans are buzzing about this Chicago Fire Season 4 finale and cannot wait to see how it all plays out Tuesday night on NBC.

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