Marie Reyes Caught In A Lie On ‘Real Housewives Of Dallas’: What She’s Saying Now

Marie Reyes RHOD

Marie Reyes isn’t an official housewife on The Real Housewives of Dallas, but she’s making quite the impression on viewers of the show. On last night’s episode, Marie was caught in a lie. She had told Brandi Redmond her honest opinion about LeeAnne Locken and the thoughts were not nice. But when Reyes was confronted with the news, she didn’t exactly have the most honest response. She denied saying the mean things to Brandi, even though she had said the same things to Tiffany Hendra, who called her out on it.

According to a new Bravo report, Marie Reyes is now revealing that she did think that Locken acted completely crazy at her cocktail party. Marie was convinced that LeeAnne felt attacked and threatened by the other housewives, but she set the record straight when she came to visit Marie at her home.

“Let’s face it, LeeAnne acted pretty crazy at my cocktail party and then deliberately lashed out at almost everyone who engaged her at the party and afterwards she sent me some pretty nasty and scary texts regarding her whereabouts even suggesting she might soon be ‘dead in a ditch,'” Marie Reyes reveals in an interview with The Daily Dish for The Real Housewives of Dallas.

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It sounds like she’s not making any excuses for LeeAnne’s behavior. Apparently, Locken and Tiffany Hendra were indeed much closer than Reyes had expected. She had no idea that the girls would share text messages, where Reyes was sharing her thoughts about her former friend. But Marie Reyes admits that Tiffany wasn’t completely innocent in the texting drama.

“Tiffany and I were texting each other trying to figure out how to help LeeAnne! Tiffany was engaging me and texting me back and totally agreed that LeeAnne’s behavior was bizarre and how WE shouldn’t tolerate it anymore and that LeeAnne’s actions were a form of self-harm. Needless to say, during the exchange of texts around LeeAnne’s behavior at my cocktail party, both Tiffany and I agreed, the behavior was atrocious,” Marie Reyes explains in the interview.

Of course, Hendra came to Reyes’ home with printed text messages, so she could confront Marie about the drama. However, it sounds like Marie was indeed shocked that Hendra printed off the text messages, so she could support her friend in the drama. And even though Reyes didn’t exactly come clean during that conversation, she does admit that she stands by what she said behind LeeAnne’s back.

“I stand by what I said to Brandi on the couch…I worked for several years as a psych nurse and I continue to do weekly volunteer work at a local hospital, and I think we could all benefit from therapy, and yes, that includes LeeAnne, especially considering she’s told everyone about her childhood trauma. Had it just been LeeAnne and I on the couch, I would’ve said the same thing, therapy might help,” Marie Reyes points out, sharing that she stands by what she said to Brandi Redmond.

It sounds like Reyes has become quite the drama queen on The Real Housewives of Dallas. She’s currently just a friend of the wives, but it sounds like she may be getting her own role on the show. Brandi Redmond has revealed that she may not return to the show, so there is a possible open role available for her.

What do you think of Marie Reyes’ comments about LeeAnne? Do you think they are indeed correct or do you think she should have owned her comments when Locken and Tiffany came over to confront her about the text messages?

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