Woman Announces Pregnancy With Her IVF Drugs – Photo Indicating Her Struggle With Infertility Goes Viral

A woman chose to announce her pregnancy in a very unique way. She carefully collected and assembled all the medical supplies and drugs used for her multiple IVF attempts to reveal the baby’s arrival.

Macy Rodeffer of Illinois trudged through multiple IVF attempts, but didn’t give up. Her relentless and often painful attempts at becoming pregnant took a huge emotional toll, however, she eventually succeeded. Instead of taking the traditional route of announcing the pregnancy through cute imagery, Rodeffer used all her IVF drugs and medical equipment, including empty bottles, used syringes, etc. to create a one-of-a-kind image. The photo of the announcement has gone viral.


23-year-old Rodeffer first became pregnant through natural conception over 4 years ago. In March 2012, just three months into her marriage with Tyler Rodeffer, the couple discovered the wonderful news. Though both were intently looking forward to the pregnancy, it did not last. Within just a week, Macy miscarried. Though saddened, the couple did not give up. After waiting for a few months, they tried again. In the summer of 2013, Macy became pregnant again, but this time too, her pregnancy didn’t last more than a few months.

When the couple visited a fertility specialist, they realized each of them had complications. While Tyler had male factor infertility, Macy suffered from stage IV endometriosis, and a large cyst on her left ovary. The doctor confirmed that the circumstances weren’t conducive and any attempts at natural conception had high chances of failure. The problems made it very difficult for her to carry a child to term, reported Buzz Feed.


After the grim prognosis, Macy began her long and arduous journey of going through multiple In-Vetro Fertilization (IVF) techniques. The artificial impregnation methods involve a lot of drugs, medicines and procedures. After she had the impinging cyst removed, Macy decided to chronicle her journey. With the noble intention of offering support as well as an informational resource for couples going through similar struggles, Macy began blogging her journey. She also started an Instagram account. Together, the platforms involved candid confessions and honest discussions about going through IVF drug cycles, reported ABC News.

After multiple IVF cycles over the last couple of years, Macy discovered she was pregnant in January 2016, reported Huffington Post. While she was overjoyed about being pregnant, Macy wanted to announce the pregnancy in a very unique way. Many couples come up with quirky imagery to announce their pregnancy. Similarly, Macy wanted to convey her good news in a way that would highlight the struggles that were involved.


Hence the soon-to-be-mom, decided to include some of her IVF pill bottles and syringes in her baby announcement photo in April. Rodeffer revealed that she always knew how she would announce the impending arrival of the baby and had been deliberately saving all her empty vials and used syringes to compose a “perfect shot.” Speaking about the thought provoking photo, Macy had this to say.

“I know how much pregnancy announcements hurts for someone going through infertility. I was adamant that my announcement not only show my joy and thankfulness, but also the struggle that it took to get there. I wanted to acknowledge the struggle that anyone dealing with infertility goes through.”

“So many people struggle for so much longer and lose so much more, I know. My goal isn’t for this to be about me, but to be about the community of men and women struggling with this disease and offering support.”

Macy added that the photo and the announcement wasn’t about an achievement, but instead, it is an indication of support to people struggling with infertility.

“I want them to know that they are not alone and that, despite the callous comments I know they get every day, there are many more who do understand. The infertility community, and it is a community, is strong and there for support. To cheer you on and celebrate with you at the finish line.”

Rodeffer admitted that she drew inspiration from a very similar photo which showed an infant surrounded by her mom’s IVF medication.

[Photo by Macy Lynn Rodeffer]