Britney Spears Allegedly Tells Judge She Is Ready For Conservatorship To End

Britney Spears is allegedly very frustrated with the court order keeping her under conservatorship and insists she is once again ready to take control of her own life. Britney Spears had a hearing with the judge in charge of her conservatorship order to discuss how the pop singing star is handling her new gig as a judge The X Factor, Radar Online reports.

Spears and her court appointed attorney reportedly informed Judge Reva Goetz that she is ready and prepared for her conservatorship to end. A Radar Online source maintains that Britney Spears does not understand why the guardianship style agreement is still in place and believes that she is the only individual under a $15 million employment contract that is bound by such a court order.

The Radar OnlineBritney Spears source also reports that the pop star is “fine with” the conservatorship order staying in place regarding her professional life but wants the ability to make personal life decisions. Spears reportedly stated during her meeting with Judge Reva Goetz that she has made tremendous progress during the past four years she has spent under a conservatorship order.

Britney Spears’ pleas to Judge Goetz did not result in termination of the conservatorship. Spears’ doctors do not feel the singer is yet ready for the conservatorship to end, according to Radar Online. The source claims ongoing concerns about Britney Spears’ mental health played an integral role in Judge Reva Goetz’s decision to keep the pop star under supervision. Another hearing with Judge Goetz about Britney Spears’ conservatorship order is allegedly scheduled to take place two months from now.