May 15, 2016
King Tut's Tomb: No Hidden Chambers, Claims National Geographic Research Team

The news reported last year about the tomb of King Tut having secret chambers inside of it has turned out proven to be wrong. A National Geographic research team has concluded that scans of King Tut's tomb have been analyzed, and no hidden chambers lie inside of it. Dean Goodman, a geophysicist at GPR-Slice software, explained what would have been seen had there been any hidden chambers inside of Tut's tomb.

"If we had a void, we should have a strong reflection. But it just doesn't exist."
Last year, Nicholas Reeves, director of the Amarna Royal Tombs Project, was the first man to speculate that the tomb of King Tut held secrets that the world had never knew of. These secrets were supposed to be hidden chambers, and these chambers were rumored to house the eternal resting place of Queen Nefertiti, whose tomb is yet to be discovered. Scans were conducted in order to see if any evidence could be found that would warrant an excavation of the tomb. Reports of these scans concluded that the hidden chambers speculated by Reeves were real. The evidence, at the time, was so overwhelming that a special statement was made by Egypt's antiquities ministry in which they informed the public of the groundbreaking archeological discovery.

Another set of scans conducted by a different group began to cast a shadow of doubt over the massive discovery. Finally, scans were conducted by the National Geographic Society, and these scans proved that there was no chance that any hidden chambers could exist inside the tomb of King Tut. Egypt's antiquities ministry has refused to accept the results of the conclusive scan conducted by National Geographic. The ministry is going to conduct their own set of scans and decide for themselves.

"Other types of radar and remote-sensing techniques will be applied in the next stage. Once they are determined, we shall publish the updates."
Egypt's antiquities ministry is so invested in the belief that hidden tombs exist that the results of the scans conducted by the National Geographic team have been barred from being presented at a conference this past weekend discussing King Tut.When news first broke that hidden chambers existed in King Tut's tomb, speculation began to run wild that these tombs would finally show where Tut's stepmother, Queen Nefertiti, was buried. Now that there are no hidden chambers, the location of Queen Nefertiti is now up for debate once more. Many archeologists believe that the wife of Akhenaten was entombed in the city of Amarna. After the death of Akhenaten, the city of Amarna was completely abandoned, and all the tombs destroyed during raids. Whether Queen Nefertiti's tomb was able to survive the raids in Amarna is up for speculation. If her body was found and reburied, archeologists say that the most likely location of her current burial site lays within the Vally of the Kings. It is also entirely possible that her body has already been discovered and recovered and is one of the many mummies that are yet to have been identified by experts.Time will eventually determine what, if anything, is hiding inside of the tomb of King Tut. What do you believe? Do you think there are hidden tombs inside of the tomb?

[Image Via AP Photo/Amr Nabil]