‘Sister Wives’ News: Why Did Only Church Members Get Invited To Robyn Brown’s Shower?

This season on Sister Wives, they are showing a lot about Robyn Brown’s pregnancy and also her new baby girl. This season, you will get to see Robyn Brown’s big baby shower for her new daughter. Us Magazine shared that tonight you will get to see the baby shower. They did something a bit different, though, and only invited members of their church to come to the shower.

In the preview, Kody Brown explains that Christine has been helping a lot with getting ready for the shower. He says, “Right now, Robyn is kind of at the last stages of the pregnancy, and it’s hard to feel special, and I think Christine’s doing a phenomenal job here, so that will be fun.” It turns that out that way that the plural families do this a lot is that they just invite members of the plural community to their baby showers. They will sometimes have another shower without these people. Meri Brown explains that shower is for people that know them but don’t know their family structure and how it works.

Robyn Brown’s shower is with all of their church members. Robyn said, “They’re in our home, they’re in our cul-de-sac, and they know about our family, and that’s huge. And they’re all very easy and comfortable with us. That’s amazing.” Kody Brown and the boys won’t be staying for the shower, though. Kody explained that he is taking any of the boys that want to go, and they are getting out of there.

Christine Brown did a great job setting up this shower. They have a diaper castle and a station to take pictures. Robyn Brown has a ton of gifts for her baby girl at the shower as well. They have a sign in table with onesies on it, and there is also a calendar on the wall to guess when Robyn’s little girl will be born. They have a ton of food for everyone as well. Christine’s mom is also at the baby shower and a lot of the Brown daughters.

Christine Brown shared that she had been to a lot of baby showers in their plural community. Robyn shared how the fact that they are public about their lifestyle makes this great, and her sister wives can be at her baby shower with her, which is a great thing. They also have a game at the shower, and Christine explains that they are drawing a picture while a paper plate is on top of their head. They are supposed to draw Robyn Brown pregnant, so of course, some of these pictures are going to turn out hilarious.

Fish Wrapper explained that some people might feel like Robyn Brown is being a bit greedy having another baby shower after there are already 18 children in their family. This is Robyn’s fifth child, but she hasn’t personally had a little girl at home in a long time. The Brown family is not constantly having children anymore and have made a few big moves, so they have probably tossed out a lot of the baby items already. The Brown family may be close to done having children after this new baby girl.

What do you think of Robyn Brown only inviting their church members to her baby shower? Do you think that this is a good way for them to do the shower? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Sister Wives on Sunday nights on TLC.

Update: When the show aired, it was explained they can invite who they want because of being out about being polygamists.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]