Couple Arrested After Attacking Woman In Front Of Their Child In CVS Parking Lot

A couple from Walkerton, Indiana, has been arrested for assaulting a woman at gunpoint outside of a CVS while their 15-month-old child watched from inside their car nearby.

According to WSBT TV, police were called to the CVS location with a report that a battery was in progress. The couple, identified as 22-year-old Troy Burgh and Gabrielle Adams, attempted to steal the victim’s purse while their 15-month-old child watched from their nearby car.

Witnesses claim that the couple approached the unsuspecting woman and revealed they had a gun and demanded her purse. The victim was then strangled by the couple and violently beaten as they attempted to wrangle the purse away from her.

None of the witnesses intervened due to the presence of the gun, but police were called promptly and the incident was captured on surveillance video.

The incident occurred at approximately 4:20 p.m. on Thursday afternoon. Reports state, according to FOX 28 News, that the attempted theft of the purse was not successful.

Police arrived on the scene before the couple was able to escape, resulting in their arrest and apprehension.

When police arrived on the scene, according to the South Bend Tribune, they searched the couple’s vehicle and found their 15-month-old child inside. Also inside the car was a selection of drugs and weapons.

The child was removed from the care of the couple and placed into protective custody while the case is being investigated.

Burgh was arrested and taken into custody on charges of battery causing bodily injury, intimidation with a deadly weapon, strangulation, drug possession, pointing a handgun, and drug possession. Adams was charged with causing bodily injury, strangulation, child neglect, and drug possession. Each has charges that encompass misdemeanors and felonies.

Footage from the attack shows that the victim did not provoke the attack and was minding her own business when the couple approached her. It is unknown whether the attack was planned or whether it was a spur-of-the-moment decision. Adams initiated the attack, and Burgh quickly joined in.

The victim’s head was repeatedly slammed into the parking lot, and Burgh opted to wedge her head down by placing his knee on her neck as he attempted to steal her purse. When Burgh noticed that there were people watching, he opted to keep them away from the victim as Adams continued the beating.

The victim was treated at a local hospital for head injuries, cuts and bruises on her face and arms, and other injuries on her neck and back. She is expected to make a full recovery.

[Photo Via: Walkerton Police Department
[Photo Via: Walkerton Police Department

It is unknown whether the attack was to recover money for drugs or other purposes. Marijuana was found in the car with the child. Both Burgh and Adams have remained quiet about their motive.

Both assailants are awaiting court dates and official charges as a result. The preliminary charges for each are enough to keep them behind bars for a while.

It is unknown whether the child will remain in the custody of protective services or if a family member will take over custody once the investigation is complete. It is not expected that Burgh or Adams will retain custody in the near future.

The incident reminds individuals to remain aware of their surroundings, even in public and well-populated areas. As a bystander, keep your phone at the ready in case a similar attack occurs and have the police on speed dial.

With the presence of a loaded gun, police are glad that the bystanders did not intervene and potentially cause harm to themselves or others. The prompt reporting of the incident is credited for the quick capture of the assailants and the medical attention to the victim.

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