Long Island Sexual Abuse Scandal: Father James Williams Allegations Proven 'Credible'

Jessica Dafoe

A president of a well-known and prestigious Catholic high school in Long Island, New York, has been suspended from practicing as a priest since an investigation has found that allegations of sexual abuse brought against him are, in fact, "credible."

— CeFaan Kim (@CeFaanKim) May 14, 2016

CBS News relays how the information has recently come forward that the sexual abuse allegations are credible.

"In a letter posted on the school's website, the order said Williams denied anything happened, but that it forwarded the information to the Nassau District Attorney's Office. A spokesman for the district attorney's office told WCBS it received a letter in February 2015. He described the act as a misdemeanor sexual abuse, but said the statute of limitations for such a crime expired in 2013. The spokesman added that the alleged victim did not want to pursue criminal charges."
"That's just devastating, absolutely devastating to the community and to the whole church as a whole it's terrible. He was a great guy when I was going here. I can't say anything but speak highly of him. I'm just shocked and horrified about these allegations."

— Allie Yang (@allieallieooop) May 14, 2016

In regard to the actions that must be taken against Williams, Marianist Brother Thomas Clearly released a statement.

"[The decision to suspend Williams] reflects the solemn promise made to ensure the protection of the young men entrusted to the school remains its highest priority. We will continue to remain vigilant in our efforts to enforce these effective safeguards."

The Marianist order has now taken the steps to suspend Williams from continuing on as a priest after the allegations of sexual abuse have proven to be credible. This information comes via a letter posted on the Chiminade High School website.

News Day relays additional details that were shared via the school's website.

"The Rev. James Williams, who resigned in 2011 after 12 years as president of the prestigious all-boys Catholic institution in Mineola, has 'completely denied' the allegations, but a 'vigorous, thorough and comprehensive investigation' conducted by the order 'deemed them to be credible,' the group said in a statement posted Friday on Chaminade's website."