Prince’s Estate: Two New Possible Heirs Join The Bitter Battle Over Prince’s Massive $300 Million Fortune

Just three days ago, the Inquisitr reported that Carlin Q. Williams was the first to file a paternity claim against Prince’s estate. According to Radar Online, two more potential heirs who could be entitled to some of Prince’s $300 million estate have come forward.

It was attorney Michael Padden who filed the new court papers, which allegedly stated there are two more heirs entitled to some of Prince’s estate. According to the court filings, Duane Nelson Sr. (Prince’s half-brother) had a daughter named Briana as well as a granddaughter named Victoria. Victoria would be Prince’s step-grandniece, and both females could be entitled to some of Prince’s estate.

A major complication that could play a role in whether or not any heirs under Duane are entitled to any of Prince’s estate is the fact that Duane died in 2011 at the age of 52. It has yet to be determined whether or not he would have been entitled to any of Prince’s estate if he was alive. Tyka Nelson, who is the executor of Prince’s estate, never named Duane as a potential heir.

Attorney Michael Padden claimed that he felt “a moral and ethical obligation” to make sure the court was aware of Victoria’s existence before any decisions were made regarding Prince’s estate.

“I’m perplexed that nothing has been filed for her yet. In light of the high publicity of this case, it’s strange.”

Given the high publicity of Prince’s death and what happens to his estate, attorney Michael Padden has found it strange that no one has come forward with claims for Victoria before now.

Tyka has recently taken to Facebook to rant about just how tense things are between family members as they continue to battle over Prince’s estate. The extreme family tension behind the scenes may result in the family having to delay honoring Prince.

“My brother was a very private man and so a Funeral had been planned for Saturday April 23rd. But on the evening of Friday April 22nd while we were in the process of inviting a small group of family and friends, those Funeral plans had to be sadly aborted.”

Radar Online reported that Tyka gave no reason as to why the funeral plans were aborted — just that new plans included having the funeral in August instead.

Carlin Q. Williams, who is currently an inmate at the federal prison in Colorado for weapons transport, has demanded a DNA test to prove Prince is his father. A will stating what happens to Prince’s estate has yet to turn up, but a judge did issue a court order for a DNA test of a vial of Prince’s blood anticipating there would be paternity claims for his estate.

According to Marsha Henson, Carlin Q. Williams’ mother, she had unprotected intercourse with Prince back in July of 1976 in a Kansas City hotel. Her son was conceived on that night, and he was born on April 8, 1977. According to Henson, Prince had to be the father, as she did not have intercourse six weeks before meeting Prince and did not have any additional intercourse after meeting Prince until after her son was born.

According to the Daily Beast, the man claiming to be the “only son” of Prince is not only a violent felon but a rapper as well. A rap track where the man rapped about killing his famous father was uncovered.

Regarding Prince’s estate and the flow of potential heirs, Prince’s family has decided not to make any comments. Unless a will turns up for Prince’s estate, his sister and half-siblings are first in line to inherit his estate, which is estimated to be worth $300 million.

What do you think about the family feud for Prince’s estate?

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