Watch Bernie Sanders Rally From Paducah, Kentucky, Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay For May 15 Rally

Viewers can watch live online as Bernie Sanders rallies supporters in Paducah, Kentucky, just days ahead of an important vote for his campaign.

Looking to build momentum for Tuesday’s primary in the Bluegrass State, Sanders will be holding a rally at the Julian Carroll Convention Center on Sunday at 2 p.m. Live streaming video of the rally can be found below.

Those who watch the Bernie Sanders rally live online will see a campaign in desperate need of momentum. Sanders stands nearly 300 delegates behind Hillary Clinton in the race for the Democratic nomination and has virtually no chance of catching her through the remaining primaries alone.

So the best chance for Bernie Sanders comes from winning as many pledged delegates as possible through the end of the primary season and then convincing the remaining superdelegates that he will be the party’s stronger pick to face Donald Trump in November.

It is a strategy Sanders is already embracing. He has touted a series of polls that show him beating Trump by wider margins that Hillary Clinton. His campaign manager, Jeff Weaver, notes that this summer’s Democratic National Convention is a chance for the party to see “if they want the candidate with the momentum who is best positioned to beat [presumptive Republican nominee Donald] Trump,” or if they would “roll the dice” with a candidate whom he said would only “protect the status quo.”

Those who watch the Bernie Sanders Paducah rally live online could see a pivotal moment for Sanders. He has performed well in states with demographics similar to Kentucky and is looking for a big win there to help cut into Clinton’s delegate lead. He won neighboring West Virginia last week in one of his largest victories of the past several weeks, and he would need to increase the margin in Kentucky.

Kentucky’s primary could be even more important given signs of weakness elsewhere on the board for Sanders. The other state voting on Tuesday, Oregon, was once seen as a safe contest for Bernie Sanders but now may be leaning toward Clinton. DHM Research released a poll this week showing that Hillary Clinton is actually leading Bernie Sanders and by a margin of 15 points. The poll had Clinton ahead 48 percent to 33 percent.

It would be a surprise if Sanders were to lose in Oregon, where he has been met with large and enthusiastic crowds in recent weeks. Many in the Sanders campaign had hoped for a blowout victory there, one that would take a chunk out of Clinton’s lead.

While some experts see the poll as an outlier for the left-leaning state, the Los Angeles Times noted that there are plenty of reasons to believe the poll, as well.

“Oregon has a closed primary, meaning only registered Democrats can vote, and Sanders hasn’t won a closed primary yet in this campaign. Older voters are much more likely than their younger counterparts to be registered with a party, and they’re more likely to favor Clinton, giving her an edge.

“In addition, Horvick’s team calculated a second set of numbers based on a potential turnout where young voters and new voters cast ballots in higher numbers than normal.

“Even then, Clinton had a lead that exceeded the margin of error, 45% to 38%.”

Viewers who miss the live stream of Bernie Sanders’ rally in Paducah, Kentucky, can catch the full replay in the embedded video above.

[Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images]