May 15, 2016
Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kanye West Disses Wife In New Song As Reports Of A Split Continue To Grow

The divorce rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West just kicked into a new gear this weekend after the rapper released a song with lyrics dissing his wife and comparing her to one of the most notorious, accused murderers of the 20th century.

The couple has been surrounded by divorce rumors dating back several months, as reports of fighting and jealousy have continually cropped up. But, these reports have grown in intensity in the last week or so, culminating with Kanye West's new song that seems to have a clear dig at Kim.

In the song, "That Part," Kanye raps, "I just left the strip club, got some glitter on me. Wifey gonna kill me, she the female O.J."

The rap lyric is a dig not only at Kim Kardashian, but her entire family, Radar Online noted. Kim's father, Robert Kardashian, was close friends with both O.J. Simpson and his late wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and Kardashian was part of Simpson's so-called "Dream Team" of lawyers who helped him win acquittal at his murder trial.

To some insiders, the apparent dig at Kim Kardashian is a sign of the couple's impending divorce. A report earlier in the week from In Touch magazine claimed that Kim is set on divorce and is already putting the wheels on motion.

"Kim has consulted with divorce lawyers and is close to having papers drawn up," the source said (via Celeb Dirty Laundry).

Other experts believe that a split has been coming for a long time. The British tabloid Heat cited celebrity biographer Ian Halperin, who said Kanye West's controlling nature is apparent even in the couple's public appearances.

"You only have to look at him styling Kim on the red carpet at the Met Gala to see he calls the shots," he said. "Kanye is a Svengali figure, he's in control, but in some ways Kim doesn't mind."

Another recent report claimed that Kanye West has grown tired of his wife's so-called diva behavior and was planning to end the relationship himself.

"Kanye has had enough, and he is going to dump her on their second anniversary in May," the source told In Touch magazine (via Hollywood Life). "Kim will be mortified; it will be the ultimate humiliation for her. There's no turning back now. It's ironic: they each went into this thinking they were going to get exactly what they wanted — and to an extent they did — but then it all backfired, big time. His decision to dump her is going to sting. Kim has been humiliated many times in the past, but nothing will top this. I don't know if she will ever recover from it."

There is still some doubt about whether the divorce rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are grounded in reality. Gossip Cop noted that many celebrity outlets have been obsessed with Kimye divorce rumors, even when they are based on flimsy evidence, or sometimes no evidence at all. The rumor-busting website noted that In Touch's source for the claim that Kim is divorcing Kanye, bodyguard Steve Stanulis, isn't as close to the couple as he's claiming.

"Stanulis worked for Kardashian and West only on two separate occasions, as temporary extra hired muscle for special events," the report noted. "He was not privy to the couple's relationship over an extended time, and West's camp has already denied that he was an employee that was 'fired,' as he had sensationally and wrongly claimed."

If Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are truly headed for divorce, there could be a big battle ahead. Past reports noted that the couple could end up in a heated custody battle over their two children, and in divorce proceedings they would have to divvy up the multi-million dollar empire they created together.

[Image via Instagram/Kim Kardashian]