'The 100' Season 3 Finale: Clarke Meets [Spoiler] In The City Of Light

The 100 Season 3 finale is titled "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two," and fans are wondering what will happen. Recently, an extended promo revealed that Clarke would come up with another plan to defeat Alie. However, that idea could end her life. Well, there is good news for fans. It turns out that Clarke is going to meet an old friend in the City of Light, and fans will be very happy.

Warning: Spoilers for The 100 Season 3 finale are ahead!

On the last episode of The 100, Luna nearly lost her life and was forced to kill one of her own, who took Alie's chip. It is understandable why she had zero interest in taking the Flame. However, Alie still has to be stopped. Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia, Raven, Monty, and Jasper came up with a plan. They thought it was fool-proof, especially since Clarke and Bellamy just happened to kidnap King Roan of the Ice Nation.

They were wrong, and it led to devastating consequences. It turns out that Jasper took Alie's chip and stabbed Monty. Also, Raven had no way to warn the others since the radio wires were cut. Unfortunately, it resulted in Clarke and Roan walking into a trap.

It was shocking just how much went wrong in The 100 Season 3, Episode 15. The only good thing that happened is Clarke keeping the password to herself.

It was an action-packed episode. Based on cast interviews, video clips, and promotional photos, the Season 3 finale of The 100 is going to be just as intense and emotional. There were rumors for weeks that Lexa would appear in the final episode. It turns out those rumors were true, and one cast member confirmed it in an interview.

"I think it's pretty obvious [what Clarke finds in the City of Light] at this point given the photos that are online," Eliza Taylor told TV Guide. "Me and a little human named Lexa. She's definitely going to come across some things that she never thought she would again. I don't know how to tell you anything else without spoiling, but I think fans are going to be very happy."

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Clarke going to the City of Light is dangerous. In one sneak peek clip, Murphy says that Clarke could die in her attempt to destroy Alie. Even though one preview scene shows the character convulsing, the end of the video clip hints that Clarke might be okay. Suddenly, she sits straight up and gasps for breath. It could be creative editing and Clarke could die, but the end of the promo clip gives fans hope that Clarke will survive.

There is no information on what the interaction between Clarke and Lexa will be like. Will they embrace and give a proper goodbye? Will the conversation between "Clexa" be all about Alie? Could Lexa tell Clarke what to do next?

The actress wouldn't reveal any additional spoilers to TV Guide. However, she did explain her hopes for Clarke's love life and spoke of "Clexa."

"I hope that she can love again, whether that person is male or female. I hope that she can find that," Eliza Taylor said regarding the future of Clarke's heart. "But for me, personally, I think it was so amazing for my character to really truly love someone. And she has just passed away at this point, and I think it's going to take a long time to grieve and to move forward. And I want to allow her that time."

For fans who worried Clarke would jump into another relationship, Taylor hopes that won't happen. The actress also hinted that it wouldn't be authentic and the love "Clexa" had for one another was real.

"I don't want her to move on to some other girl. She could, but it would be out of grief. It wouldn't be because she immediately falls in love with some other woman or what have you," Eliza said about her character in The 100. "I think Lexa was her love and it was so lovely to see her and feel that."

The CW network issued a press release for The 100 Season 3 finale. Unlike previous episodes, the description for "Perverse Instantiation - Part Two" is vague and offers practically no teasers.

"In the season's epic and mind-bending conclusion, our heroes begin to face the reality of their tragic situation," Carter Matt wrote regarding the 100 Season 3 finale synopsis. "Everyone prepares for a final showdown."

What do you think is going to happen when Clarke goes to the City of Light? Are you happy there will be a "Clexa" reunion in the Season 3 finale? The CW will air the next episode of The 100 on May 19.

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