Lilian Garcia Released From WWE? No, Reporter Just Exploits Family Tragedy

Lilian Garcia isn’t often the subject of trending WWE articles, but that all changed after a wrestling journalist recently “whiffed” big time, by his own admission, on a family tragedy.

The ring announcer and frequent National Anthem singer has been conspicuously absent from WWE as of late, and that led to rumors that there was heat with her and the company.

According to internet journalist Court Bauer, a source within the company let him know that Lilian Garcia was on the verge of being released.

This could not have been further from the truth. Unfortunately, Garcia had to wake up and set the record straight amid her father’s grave health fight.

In a post on the official Lilian Garcia Facebook page, she had this to say.

“Imagine my surprise today when I woke up to find out that I was among the top trends in the world on twitter! What for, I said to myself….wait, does that say ‘Lilian Garcia released from WWE’?? That’s when I knew I had to set the story straight.”

From there, Garcia addressed the fact that she had been absent from Monday Night Raw and WWE Payback.

On Twitter, she had mentioned it was due “to a family member being ill.” She continued,

“Well, that family member is my father. He has been battling bladder cancer and multiple Myeloma (blood cancer) and due to a reaction to the chemotherapy, he became very ill these past two weeks. On top of that, he had to go into two emergency procedures on his kidneys. To say he has had it tough is an understatement. However, he is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the US Army, being a Veteran from the Korean and Vietnam Wars, so his spirit is that of a fighter.”

Lilian Garcia is often a quiet and reserved personality within the WWE Universe, and in her typical classy fashion, she spent the rest of the post focusing on her father’s contributions and his marriage to her mother of 62 years.

She then thanked all of her fans and the WWE for their support as she helped take care of her father, then signed off.

“So, on to Monday, I will be back on RAW and couldn’t be happier as I have missed you all very much!! Thank you and I love you!!! Xoxo, Lilian”

When Court Bauer — a frequent guest on the Steve Austin Show podcast and other popular wrestling podcasts — found out he had missed the story so badly, he issued a multi-tweet mea culpa.

Bauer’s fanbase is pretty forgiving of his mistake and in subsequent response tweets he has repeatedly “owned” the mistake, but it still added an unnecessary complication to the life of Lilian Garcia as she dealt with a harrowing family situation.

In an industry so fueled by rumors and speculation, it also highlights the importance of not jumping to conclusions based on unsubstantiated claims, Bauer’s history working with WWE notwithstanding.

But what do you think, readers — irresponsible journalism or forgivable mistake? Sound off in the comments section below.

[Image via WWE]