LuLaRoe’s 924,000 Google Searches, Men’s Line, Fashion Shows, And Latest Leggings Buzz

LuLaRoe buzz is growing in leaps and bounds. As reported by the Inquisitr, with some LuLaRoe consultants explaining how they’ve made $3,000 profit for one of their LuLaRoe pop-up parties, the LuLaRoe clothing company is experiencing a surge of interest online.

Google’s Adwords Keyword tool reports that 178,570 searches came into the search engine giant in July of 2015 about all things LuLaRoe. By March, 2016, that number had swelled to 924,910 searches for LuLaRoe.

Beyond the name LuLaRoe gaining the bulk of the Google searches per month, LuLaRoe leggings — dubbed “butter leggings” because of their softness — gained at least 50,000 searches monthly.

As reported by the Calmar Courier, the LuLaRoe moniker was made up from the names of the LuLaRoe founder’s three oldest granddaughters. Those names — Lucy, Lola and Monroe — combined in a catchy way to give LuLaRoe customers and consultants a name that is sort of reminiscent of the Lululemon name.

With the publication describing a pop-up LuLaRoe location in northeast Iowa, it also explains how LuLaRoe fans have fallen in love with the patterns and sizes of the LuLaRoe gear. From kids 2T sizes to size 14 — as well as ranges from adult XXS to 3XL, LuLaRoe has found a way to capture a broad amount of bodies, with men’s LuLaRoe shirts available as well.

LuLaRoe shouldn’t be confused with Lululemon, reports the Virginian-Pilot, which notes the unique look of LuLaRoe’s patterns, that usually grab the attention of those in the know about LuLaRoe.

In terms of the most popular LuLaRoe searches, the LuLaRoe maxi skirts are just as popular — or even more popular — than the LuLaRoe leggings. The LuLaRoe Amelia dress is also a hot item, with at least 1,600 searches coming into Google per month for that piece of clothing, the same amount of searches that LuLaRoe dresses claim, in general.

The Crimson White hits on the main reason why women like Alex Golden have taken to LuLaRoe clothing and have adopted their leggings as sort of a daily uniform. Finding most jeans too short for her tall frame, Golden special orders her jeans — but oftentimes found that while they might fit her in length, the sizing still wasn’t right. Boutiques were a hard place to shop, with limited sizes not always running into the popular plus-sized clothing.

With LuLaRoe’s wide range of sizing, it gives a larger portion of society a chance to feel fashionable and not forgotten.

As reported by the Times Herald, LuLaRoe pop-up stores can pop up just about anywhere, and rival those of a regular clothing boutique. During the cold winter months, some consumers choose to wear their LuLaRoe leggings beneath other pants to keep themselves warm.

The Erie-Times News notes how teachers and those within other professions are using LuLaRoe to earn additional income in their spare hours.

And the buzz about LuLaRoe keeps growing on social media as well, with the hashtag #lularoe garnering 354,010 posts on Instagram and counting upwards.

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Meanwhile folks on Facebook also continue to encourage each other with their LuLaRoe sales. Amanda Ross likened buying LuLaRoe from a friend or family member as a way to support their small business venture.

“If your friend sells Mary Kay, try it!
“If your friend sells Scentsy, try it!
“If your friend sells LuLaRoe, try it!
“If your friend sells Pampered Chef, try it!
“If your friend sells Perfectly Posh, try it!

“Moral of the story, if my friend owned a restaurant…..Guess what? I would eat there! If a friend of mine owned a clothing boutique, I would buy clothes from her! If one of my friends owned a salon, I would get my family’s hair cut there!”

[Photo by Paula Neal Mooney]