'Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster' On PC: Features, Visuals, & More

Bryan Star

Fans of the Final Fantasy series are in for a treat.

Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster was released for PC on May 12, just a few days ago. It retails at $29.99, though there is a discounted price available on Steam for $23.99 until after May 19. The game's first story takes place in Spira, the world introduced through the eyes of protagonist Tidus and his friends. It is up to them to save the world from Sin, the antagonist, and also from those who hold dark ambitions beyond what lies on the surface. If you have never played the game (or even if you have), this is the perfect time for a first playthrough or to relive the magic of one of Square Enix's adventures. The story after, X-2, continues where the first leaves off and expands on its ending.

According to PC Invasion, the PC version of Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster has many features that were added in that differ from the others. The most notable of the changes is the PC's ability to increase technical capability. The PS3 and Vita remakes have better resolutions, able to perform in HD. To accentuate this, the PS4 version smooths out the textures and gives Tidus and friends a visual overhaul. The PC version has been redesigned with the environment enhanced; the textures are even smoother, and character models have been updated and changed to give them a better plethora of facial expressions.

If you're not a fan of the visual, Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster for PC also delivers multiple boosts that will be available to players. Players will have the option to get all items, unlock all skills, maximize their gil (the currency of Final Fantasy X/X-2), have battles conducted automatically by AI (the computer does the legwork), speed up gameplay, and override enemy encounters to increase or decrease the amount of battles that players engage in. The game will even include new skills that were in the International release version of Final Fantasy X, which differs from the original in that there is more content.

Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster also gives players the ability to change the language setting. It was noted that one could not mix and match Japanese and English in terms of subtitles and character voices, but PC Gamer reports that there are mods available for those who want to change this option. The overall download size of the game is around 40 GB. That's quite large for a download, but the features and ability to change so many technical aspects of Final Fantasy X/X-2: HD Remaster is quite evident. Part of the download size also includes Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm, a cinematic cutscene sequel that links both Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2.

[Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images]