Kit Harington Game Of Thrones Reveal: Tells Cop Jon Snow Lives, Gets Out Of Speeding Ticket

Fans are ecstatic at the return of HBO’s super-popular drama, Game of Thrones, for its sixth season. The hard-hitting, emotional roller coaster of a series finished up its fifth season last year, and since then, followers of Game of Thrones have been speculating at the fate of one of the most popular characters. The high fantasy, sword-and-board drama has had its fair share of coming and going, and is notorious for killing off characters unexpectedly, but one actor in particular has managed to grab the huge following of fans and to stay in the show. That is, until last season. The fifth season finale saw what is arguably Game of Thrones’ most popular character kick the bucket, and in an unexpected and massively shocking way. Jon Snow, played by Britain’s supremely talented heartthrob Kit Harington, died in the last scene of the season.

Come season six, and three episodes in, Jon Snow has returned. Resurrection isn’t unheard of in Game of Thrones, and fans were already heavily speculating that Harington would return as Jon Snow at some point in the sixth season. The theory was so pervasive, in fact, that no one was particularly surprised when Snow did open his eyes, gasp, and stand up alive and (mostly) well. Nonetheless, the build up to the resurrection was an emotional time for the notoriously avid GoT fan base, as Thrones is known not to pull punches when it comes to character deaths. The Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, as Snow is known in the show, may have had five previous seasons to build up a plot and story, but similar characters have been killed off before. Fans were certain Jon would return, but that certainty was tainted with an even bigger certainty: the writers at GoT don’t care about your feelings, and do whatever they want, whenever they want.

The return of Jon was an uncharacteristically triumphant and satisfying event for the show, as not only a favorite character with a lot of promise returned, but real, fair justice was doled out as well. The massive betrayal at the end of the fifth season was rewarded with a gruesome execution scene, and fans were treated to the sweet nectar of poetic justice in a cruel, bitter show world. In true Game of Thrones fashion, you can’t get something for nothing, and Jon Snow’s return was marked by the deaths of several other characters, including both long time rivals and recent friends to Harington’s Snow. What’s next for Kit and Jon? The show was ambiguous, but exciting for fans. Snow left the icy castle fortress that has played the backdrop to his place in Game of Thrones for the last five seasons, and wandered off to become a real part of the dark world of Westeros.

Kit Harington’s return isn’t all dour retribution and misery, however. The fate of Jon Snow was a huge secret for Kit to keep, and he nearly only told his parents and his girlfriend the secret of his season six return. Harington also told one other person. According to Vanity Fair, Kit let out the secret to one police officer, as well. Yes, Harington told a police officer the huge secret plot twist to the massively beloved show, and he did it to get out of a speeding ticket. While the hordes of show watchers waited a year to find out what happened to Jon Snow, one lucky police officer just happened to pull over Kit Harington himself, for a speeding ticket.

As Kit told the audience at The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, during a nighttime drive home, he was pulled over for exceeding the speed limit. Rolling Stone reports that Harington explained it as a situation where he was “being a bit naughty and going over the speed limit” on his way home from his parent’s house. The officer immediately recognized the Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch, and decided to give the adorable Kit an ultimatum: share the secret of Jon Snow’s fate, or get a ticket. Kit laughed at first, but quickly came to realize that the officer was deadly serious. Harington decided on the smart way out, and told the officer the secret. The officer was really direct with Harington.

“I have to tell you, whether I take you into the police station depends on what your answer is.”

At that, Kit told the officer the secret, to which the officer saluted and said, “On your way, Lord Commander. Keep the speed down this far South of the wall.”

It pays big to be one of the few well-liked Game of Thrones characters to still be alive and well on the beloved and incredibly famous show. Fans may be excited to see what happens next, and they should be. With Harington as Jon Snow returning, it’s looking more and more like Game of Thrones is preparing for a big, crowd pleasing event. So much so, it seems, that even the police have started to get antsy.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images for NBC]