‘Bachelorette’ 2016 Spoilers And Speculation: JoJo Fletcher’s Final Rose Ceremony Takes Place, Will Her Pick Be The Obvious One?

It is almost time for JoJo Fletcher’s journey during ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season to begin, and fans cannot wait to get started. Will she find love with one of her suitors this spring? Blogger and gossip guru “Reality Steve” Carone’s spoilers are breaking down the details, and he just shared a fair amount of the scoop via Twitter. The final rose ceremony has been filmed, but has it leaked out yet which guy she picked?

Reality Steve’s spoilers have already pinned down Fletcher’s last four bachelors, but he has yet to share specifics beyond that other than the fact that the last dates have taken place. Thailand was seemingly the location for the fantasy suite overnight dates and everything else through the final rose ceremony. More details should be coming out about those last eliminations soon, but rumors are already swirling.

As Carbone’s Bachelorette spoilers have been teasing for some time now, JoJo seemingly had one bachelor in particular who caught her attention from the very first night. Jordan Rodgers, a former football player and the younger brother of Green Bay Packers superstar Aaron Rodgers, is said to be that guy. It is known that Jordan is around for a while during Fletcher’s journey to find love. Now, Reality Steve’s spoilers indicate that based on everything he is hearing, he would be surprised if he didn’t get the final rose.

Steve had previously mentioned that this was looking like the “JoJo and Jordan” show based on what he was hearing from insiders, but then he also teased some potential shake-ups and shockers. His Bachelorette spoilers detail that Rodgers caught Fletcher’s attention from the very first night of filming, and he managed to get in some hot and heavy kisses with her before the first rose ceremony even took place.

It may well be that Fletcher and Rodgers end up being together at the end. If that is the case, they are likely engaged. However, Carbone has not yet been able to confirm that. The Bachelorette spoiler fans over at the Bach and Bachette Fan Forums have been watching all of these contestants closely and they have been anxious to pin down these last eliminations as well. They noticed that Luke Pell was the first to start making small moves on social media and they now indicate that the other three final guys, Rodgers, Chase McNary, and Robby Hayes, have all started back on social media in small ways as well.

Hayes was the first of those three to start changing some minor things on his Instagram and Twitter, sparking speculation that he ended up being eliminated after the overnight dates. Could Rodgers and McNary be Fletcher’s final two on this spring Bachelorette season? She seemingly showed some activity on Snapchat within the past day or two as well, so it does appear that she and her guy have their phones back. There have not yet been any significant posts that the average fan would notice as of yet, but it seems likely that they all will be back to regular activity very soon.

Does Jordan Rodgers get JoJo Fletcher’s final rose as most seem to suspect, or could there be a shocker as things play out this spring? ABC’s The Bachelorette 2016 season debuts on Monday, May 23 and fans cannot wait to dive into this one to see if a true love story emerges.

[Image via JoJo Fletcher’s Instagram]