Kelly Ripa ‘Has Gone Rogue’ — Gives Revealing Tell-All After Michael Strahan Exit

ABC could have definitely handled Michael Strahan’s exit from Live! With Kelly and Michael better. While Kelly Ripa has forgiven the network for keeping her out of the loop, the talk show host is planning on getting them back in a scathing new tell-all.

According to Radar Online, Ripa is more than willing to expose everything that happened between her and the network. This includes a tell-all article, in which Ripa dishes on how the network kept Strahan’s departure a secret.

“They had no idea she was telling her story to the cover of People until after it went to print on Monday,” an insider explained to the outlet. “She has gone rogue. She doesn’t trust her bosses anymore and is taking her career into her own hands.”

Ripa’s willingness to expose the network is understandable, especially considering how this is the second time she has been blindsided by a co-host’s departure.

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Now that the trust has been broken, Ripa is concentrating on herself.

“[Ripa] is doing what she thinks is good for Kelly,” the source added. “She’s no longer including the network in her decisions or press.”

However, Ripa’s willingness to dish out secrets might end up harming her relationship with the network. After her tell-all interview, there’s no telling how the network will react.

“There’s a part of me that can say, ‘Okay, I understand. This may have been an oversight,'” Kelly Ripa shared in her interview with People. “And again, after 26 years, at this point we are like a family. And sometimes when you are so comfortable with somebody, you may not give them the same consideration as somebody you’re not as comfortable with – a certain formality falls away.”

Despite Ripa’s longstanding relationship with ABC, she still felt as though the network should have informed her sooner about Strahan’s plans to leave Live! and join Good Morning America. Few fans disagreed with her assessment.

“I think that all people are deserving of fair treatment in the workplace. People deserve respect,” Ripa continued. “People should be treated equally and with dignity.”

Meanwhile, with Strahan preparing for his departure, the last few weeks of Live! With Kelley and Michael have been awkward to say the least. While Ripa took a week off after the shocking announcement, her return included more than one tense moment between the co-hosts.

Kelly Ripa And Michael Strahan Can't Stand Each Other — Temper Tantrums, Freeze Outs, And Other Behind-The-Scenes Drama [Image via Disney/ABC]
According to New, Ripa has taken quite a few digs at Strahan in the past few weeks.

This includes her shot about Strahan’s divorce, which surprised her co-host, and her mention of having an armadillo do her future contract negotiations.

“I want to take him into contract negotiations with me!” Ripa stated after an armadillo threw something at her.

Then, when Strahan tried to compliment Ripa by describing her as the queen of morning talks shows, Ripa quickly put him down.

“How dare you,” she said, halfheartedly. “Oprah’s the real queen. How dare you.”

To which Strahan replied, “Oprah’s retired now.”

Of course, TMZ reports the pair’s final episode together was a laid back affair. While fans expected a big sendoff segment for Strahan, producers decided not to bring up old drama.

For his part, Strahan was happy with the low key episode, especially considering how his relationship with Ripa is now beyond repair.

As far as Ripa is concerned, she has been very cold toward Strahan over the past few weeks. This includes keeping the door to her makeup room firmly shut prior to filming. In years past, Strahan had a tradition of greeting Ripa whenever he got on set.

At the same time, it is unclear what will happen between Ripa and the network in the future. Whatever unfolds, fans can only hope they learned their lesson.

Let us know what you think! Is it fair game for Kelly Ripa to tell her side of the story after being hurt by Strahan and the network? Let us know in the comments below.

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